VA Palo Alto
The TWC- Lab is located at the Hospital of Veterans Affairs in Palo Alto. Click here to get directions.

Lab News

03-02-15 Joe wins 2015 New Vision Award
Joe had a very successful conference last week, and was awarded the 2015 New Vision Award at the Charleston Conference on Alzheimer’s disease. This is a highly selective award (with money!) which involves a first round of selections to attend the conference and then a study section-like discussion of the remaining entries at the conference. Joe’s proposal was selected unanimously.
01-27-15 Tony speaks at World Economic Forum
Tony was invited to Davos to discuss how to tackle brain diseases at the World Economic Forum!
12-02-14 Final round for Breakthrough of the Year!
We made the final round for Science's 2014 Breakthrough of the year!  Let everyone know so they can vote!
11-13-14 Vote for the breakthrough of the year!
Help us win Sciene Breakthrough of 2014 by voting for "Young blood fixes old."
09-23-14 Creative Minds: Tony and Tom are in the news!
Congratulations to Tony and Tom for being in the NIH Director's blog.  You can read it here!

Research Interests

TGF-β signaling in the CNS and role in CNS disease - We discovered that abnormal TGF-β signaling may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease using a number of engineered mouse models that allow us to regulate TGF-β signaling in different cell types. Other studies showed that TGF-β1 can promote accumulation of immune cells in models of autoimmune disease but it can also support the late stages of adult neurogenesis and increase survival of neurons. Engineered mouse models which lack TGF-β receptors in neurons or report activation of signaling by producing indicator proteins are currently being used to study the role of TGF-β signaling in normal CNS function and disease. To try to exploit the beneficial effects of TGF-β signaling in neurons we are developing small molecule activators of this pathway.