VA Palo Alto
The TWC- Lab is located at the Hospital of Veterans Affairs in Palo Alto. Click here to get directions.

Lab News

01-27-15 Tony speaks at World Economic Forum
Tony was invited to Davos to discuss how to tackle brain diseases at the World Economic Forum!
12-02-14 Final round for Breakthrough of the Year!
We made the final round for Science's 2014 Breakthrough of the year!  Let everyone know so they can vote!
11-13-14 Vote for the breakthrough of the year!
Help us win Sciene Breakthrough of 2014 by voting for "Young blood fixes old."
09-23-14 Creative Minds: Tony and Tom are in the news!
Congratulations to Tony and Tom for being in the NIH Director's blog.  You can read it here!
07-11-14 Vidhu receives fellowship!
Congratulations to Vidhu for winning a competitive fellowship from the Bluefield Project to Cure FTD to research the effects of GCV on microglia!

Tahoe 2007

To get an idea about the social life in the TWC lab, chose an album from the social drop down menu. Click onto the thumbnails to experience full-size entertainment.
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