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Jian Luo
VA Palo Alto
The TWC- Lab is located at the Hospital of Veterans Affairs in Palo Alto. Click here to get directions.

Lab News

07-22-16 Joe receives a K99 award

Joe received an NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99) from the National Institute on Aging. Congratulations Joe!

04-20-16 Tony talks microglia

Tony is featured in an article in Scientific American. He talks about the impaired function of microglia in aging and Alzheimer's disease and how young blood may help.


04-04-16 Liz to join the faculty at Ohio State

Liz has been granted a position as assistant professor at Ohio State in the Department of Pyschology. Congratulations Liz and go Buckeyes!

03-04-16 Hanadie receives an F32 fellowship

Hanadie received an F32 postdoctoral fellowship for her research on brain endothelial cells. Congratulations Hanadie!

02-18-16 Jian receives his first R01 grant

Jian received an R01 to further his research on mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Congratulations Jian!

Jian Luo

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650-493-5000 x 63789

I moved to the States for graduate school in 1999. My thesis work focused on the role of oxidative injury in spinal cord injury and the protective effects of membrane repair on oxidative injury and mitochondria function. After I finished my PhD project, I decided to switch my research into neurodegeneration. I joined the Wyss-Coray's lab in June of 2004 to pursue postdoctoral training and enjoy Californian sunshine. I am interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms of TGF-β signaling in brain injury and neurodegeneration. My current projects focus on (1) bioluminescence imaging of TGF-β signaling in the brain and (2) the role of TGF-β signaling in neurodegeneration and autoimmune encephalomyelitis.