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Fieldtrip – It’s settled! We’re going to the Pacific Energy Center. I’ll arrange a tour in the coming weeks.

Demo – We’ll be doing the blueberry solar panels. Any help researching these would be appreciated.  For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, check out this wikipedia article on dye-sensitized solar cells:

The idea is that blueberry juice can be used as an activating dye and on a special kind of glass, create a sort of photoelectrochemical cell.

Solar Car – We’re kicking this out to a subteam with the Kevins (Mori and Tong) and Julia Lee.  Next step is to talk to Gil Masters about how exactly this is going to be done. Whoever the subteam leader is should send an e-mail out to form one using help from the list and we’ll move from there.

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    Jackie Collins…

    Love your stuff, found your post very informative. I found you through Google using the keywords ‘web design list’ by the way :-)

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