Meeting Minutes (3/8/2010)


Abe C.

Jen W.

Mitul B.

Kevin M.

Diego G.

Miguel S.

Spring Solar Swing

-       Third week of the quarter

-       Might be too expensive to rent out Toyon, but it is more suitable for dancing anyway

-       Maybe holding it in Crothers since there are so many new members from Crothers, but there are pillars and it’s not the same

-       Diego will send out plans for us to okay


-       No new people, so Kevin couldn’t recruit them


-       Nothing really set; let’s try to get something out by the first week

-       We should brainstorm before Spring Break

-       Jen will talk to Phil

-       Tabling at White Plaza

-       Jen and Kevin will create a poster for the first week


-       Still waiting for the green light from Tom

Solar Oven Cook Off

-       Jen and Kevin will talk to Gil Masters about getting ovens

-       Maybe hold a cook off at Crothers during one of the bbqs

Solar Efficiency Workday

-       Not sure what dates Jen’s talking about

-       Training on 4/11 and actual day on 4/17

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