Meeting Minutes (4/5/2010)








Kevin M.

Kevin T.

Energy Efficiency Workday

-       On Saturday, April 17th from 9am – 4am

-       What do we do?!

  • Each team has 4 – 5 members and go to 4 – 5 house
  • Duties range from replacing light, caulking, fixing thermostats and thing
  • No worries, you’ll be trained!!!

-       Training – April 11th at 1pm, Old Union 201

-       Slight problem

  • April 17th is the same day as FutureFest… split party?!

Solar Spring Swing at Toyon

-       Space determined, Toyon

-       Waiting to hear back from dance groups

-       8pm – 11pm on Friday, April 23rd

  • Set up start at 7:30pm

-       To think about

  • Need to start flyering
  • Decide on a playlist
  • Food, drinks

Solar Cooking

-       Date is to be determined because weather has not been cooperating

-       Will be a whole day event, so we’ll have shifts

  • Preference for Friday

-       Jen needs a lead to create an info bulletin

  • Mitul stepping up to the plate!

-       Kevin M. will help with the solar cooking thing

Solar Install

-       Split people half and half

-       Location should be fairly close


-       Career fair (14th and 15th of April)

  • For each hour that a volunteer is there, $20 per person there; if people can commit, please sign up for shifts!
  • All signups must be done at the CDC


    -       Miguel – Lagunita, Roble

    -       Tek – Wilbur

    -       Julia – Row

    -       Kevin M. – Toyon, Branner

    -       Kevin T. – Stern

    -       Diego – Crothers

    Meeting Minutes (3/29/2010)


    Jen W.

    Miguel S.

    Mitul B.

    Tek L.

    Deigo G.

    Julia L.


    -       Tek will send out doodle for official meeting times

    • The time for oven cook-off


    -       Mad props to Kevin for creating the flyers

    -       Flyer party soon

    -       Tek will get work done with brochures

    -       Solar oven; energy efficiency workday;

    Blueberry Solar Poject

    -       Department cannot provide services for us

    -       Tom will meet with the sponsor on Wednesday

    Spring Solar Swing

    -       4/23/2010

    -       Diego will continue doing work

    -       Need help with

    • Designing flyer
    • Flyering

    -       Venue – Toyon

    -       Dance groups – Salseros, Tango club, social clubs, Swing team – by Friday

    -       Equipment – speakers

    -       Food – chips, salsa, water

    -       Dollar per shot

    -       Introduction to group – Tek will poster

    -       Google doc for positions

    Energy Efficiency Workday

    -       Cannot reimburse drivers for gas money

    -       EEW training on 4/11/2010

    -       EEW on 4/17/2010

    -       Forward info to other groups (SSS, SWEP, Crothers ’10, Indian, RAs, Gaia, Gil, branner ’09, toyon, kimball)

    -       Aim for eight drivers

    Solar Oven Cook-off

    -       Props to Jen for asking Gil for solar ovens

    -       Will book white plaza

    -       Tek can make doodle to see which day would work best for everyone

    Phil J.

    -       Works at the Stanford alumni center who has been on over 100 hours with GRID Alternatives

    -       Has sample brochures from GRID to help shape our own brochuring

    Solar Panel Installation

    -       May 8th and 9th

    Meeting Minutes (3/8/2010)


    Abe C.

    Jen W.

    Mitul B.

    Kevin M.

    Diego G.

    Miguel S.

    Spring Solar Swing

    -       Third week of the quarter

    -       Might be too expensive to rent out Toyon, but it is more suitable for dancing anyway

    -       Maybe holding it in Crothers since there are so many new members from Crothers, but there are pillars and it’s not the same

    -       Diego will send out plans for us to okay


    -       No new people, so Kevin couldn’t recruit them


    -       Nothing really set; let’s try to get something out by the first week

    -       We should brainstorm before Spring Break

    -       Jen will talk to Phil

    -       Tabling at White Plaza

    -       Jen and Kevin will create a poster for the first week


    -       Still waiting for the green light from Tom

    Solar Oven Cook Off

    -       Jen and Kevin will talk to Gil Masters about getting ovens

    -       Maybe hold a cook off at Crothers during one of the bbqs

    Solar Efficiency Workday

    -       Not sure what dates Jen’s talking about

    -       Training on 4/11 and actual day on 4/17

    Meeting Minutes (2/22/10)



    Spring Solar Swing

    • Who would like to take the lead on this?
    • Miguel can teach swing if needed
    • To Do:
      • When? What equipment do we need? What space? How much donation?

    Blueberry Solar Project

    • Will take place third week of spring quarter
    • A pre-lab for just GRID members before allowing others to conduct the lab
    • Whole lab takes about four hours
    • To Do:
      • Who gets to do the pre-lab? When is the pre-lab?


    • Job well done everyone!
    • Will not hear back until spring quarter
    • To Do:
      • Nothing much. For those who plan to attend the install, please attend the 3/6 training

    Solar Oven

    • Maybe sell paninis at White Plaza after our own trails
    • If successful, start our own fundraising bakery
    • To Do:
      • Do we want to make our own solar oven?
      • Where can we borrow one?
      • Decide a time to try heating paninis.

    March 6th Training

    • When: 3/6/10 from 6pm – 9pm
    • Where: Old Union Rm. 201
    • To Do:
      • Kevin T. will send out invite email to those who helped with TSF letters
      • Miguel will organize the whole gig
      • Everyone, set up at 5:30pm at Old Union

    Looks like we’ve got a packed spring quarter. Get ready for it, and if you’re interested in pitching in, let us know.

    Meeting Minutes (2/1/10)






    Miguel San-Pedro

    Blueberry Solar Project

    • Have people pay to see it? To participate?
    • Only thing with that is that if we do it with the alchemy club, not all the money would come to us
    • Tom is getting together the first blueberry paste test run
    • To Do:
      • Have this done before the end of the second week.
      • Make flyers and publicize this

    TSF Letters

    • For the three thousand, how many letters do they require?
    • Has to be beyond priority, but that it should be required.
    • If you want to write a template
      • Friday, 2/5/10 – template writing party – 7pm @ Old Union


    • Make it easier to join the mailing list


    • Week 9 of winter quarter
    • Week 3 of spring quarter

    To Do

    • Figure out install day

    Meeting Minutes

    Fieldtrip – It’s settled! We’re going to the Pacific Energy Center. I’ll arrange a tour in the coming weeks.

    Demo – We’ll be doing the blueberry solar panels. Any help researching these would be appreciated.  For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, check out this wikipedia article on dye-sensitized solar cells:

    The idea is that blueberry juice can be used as an activating dye and on a special kind of glass, create a sort of photoelectrochemical cell.

    Solar Car – We’re kicking this out to a subteam with the Kevins (Mori and Tong) and Julia Lee.  Next step is to talk to Gil Masters about how exactly this is going to be done. Whoever the subteam leader is should send an e-mail out to form one using help from the list and we’ll move from there.

    Solar Oven Demo!

    Solar Oven Flyer

    Solar Oven Flyer

    A New Event

    Stanford GRID!

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