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Evaluation of potential grid-backup technology in developing markets

Case StudyEvaluation of potential grid-backup technology in developing markets


Client: Fortune 5 energy company

Broader Challenge:

  • Some developing nations suffer from weak electrical infrastructure that disrupts economic activity
  • Many businesses suffer economic losses due to power outages, and currently-available backup technologies can be expensive to operate and maintain


  • Characterize major economic sectors in several developing world countries and identify largest active firms (domestic and MNCs) within these sectors
  • Research current electrical infrastructure, its integrity and identify technologies currently employed by companies for backup power
  • Determine target economic sectors based on several criteria, including criticality for backup power, typical load size, purchasing volume, etc.
  • Calculate market value ($) for various target economic sectors


  • Unable to disclose findings due to confidentiality agreement
  • Deliverables included a presentation to management and Excel tracker of target sectors and companies