RC28: Work, Poverty & Inequality in the 21st Century

Stanford University, August 6 - 9, 2008

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05:00 - 07:00      Registration and Welcome Reception
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                               Poverty and Inequality,
                               Building 80,
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08:00 - 09:00      Late Registration and Breakfast
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09:00 - 10:30      PLENARY SESSION
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

Why is Income Inequality Taking off? New Accounts

Presider: David B. Grusky

Educational Assortative Marriage and Earnings Inequality in the United States
Richard Breen & Leire Salazar     

Compensation Benchmarking and the Surge in Executive Pay
Thomas A. DiPrete, Gregory Eirich, & Matthew Pittinsky     

The Rise of Class-Based Wage Inequality
Johannes Giesecke & Roland Verwiebe     

Does Income Inequality Cause Income Segregation?
Sean Reardon & Kendra Bischoff     

10:30 - 11:00      Coffee Break
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

11:00 - 12:30      LATE MORNING SESSIONS
                               (Alumni Center)

Educational Assortative Mating

Presider: Jan O. Jonsson

Educational Assortative Mating in Multiple Generations
Robert D. Mare     

Educational and Racial Assortative Mating in Brazil (1960-2000)
Carlos Costa-Ribeiro & Nelson do Valle Silva     

The Intergenerational Ties between Schooling and Smoking
Vida Maralani     

Trends in Educational Assortative Marriage in China from 1970 to 2000
Hongyun Han     

Life Course and Cumulative Disadvantage

Presider: Thomas DiPrete

The Long-Term Impact of Unemployment: Structural Change, Institutional Resources, and Cumulative Disadvantage
Markus Gangl     

Does Unemployment Impact Future Employment? The Cumulative Disadvantages of Unemployment on Post-Unemployment Careers and Wages
Irma Mooi-Reci     

History and the Life Course: War, Disability, and Work
Alair MacLean     

Increasing Inequality as Diffusion Process
Hanno Scholtz     

Consequences of Rising Inequality

Presider: Michael Hout

Why Conventional Accounts of the Rise in Inequality are Wrong and Why We Should Wish They Were Right
Kim Weeden & David B. Grusky     

The "Moral Economy" of Social Inequality: A Study of Popular Views about Poverty and Wealth
Patrick Sachweh     

Social Cohesion in Europe: How the Different Dimensions of Inequality Affect Social Cohesion
Loris Vergolini     

The Upscaling and Downscaling of Security: Emotion Management in Insecure Times
Marianne Cooper     

12:30 - 02:00      Catered Lunch
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

                               (Alumni Center)

New Approaches to Assessing Returns to Education

Presider: Maarten Buis

Who Benefits Most from College? Evidence for Negative Selection in Heterogeneous Economic Returns to Higher Education
Jennie E. Brand & Yu Xie     

College Selectivity and Student Outcomes: An Investigation of the University of California's Guaranteed Transfer Option
Michal Kurlaender & Eric Grodsky     

Credential Inflation and Educational Strategies: A Comparison of the United States and the Netherlands
Herman G. Van de Werfhorst     

So Far so Good? Early School Leaving and Social Stratification in Italy
Gabriele Ballarino, Ivano Bison, & Hans Schadee     

Is the Social Gradient Strong? More Evidence on the Health-Inequality Association

Presider: Haya Stier

Subjective Health and Income Since 1972
Michael Hout & Scott M. Lynch     

Socioeconomic Status and Distress: Comparative Analysis in Japan and Korea
Junko Nishimura     

Are Class Effects on Health Even Stronger than Typically Supposed?
Yujia Liu     

Who's Counting Sheep? Occupational Stratification and Sleep in the United States
Sarah Burgard & Jennifer Ailshire     

Sociological Models of the Rise in Inequality

Presider: Markus Gangl

High-Wage Earnings Growth and Rising Inequality in the United States
Caroline Hanley     

Static and Dynamic Decompositions of Income Inequality in Brazil
Jeronimo Oliveira Muniz     

Welfare Regime Changes, Intra and Inter Cohort Inequalities, and the Dynamics of Social Generations
Louis Chauvel     

Public Services and their Impact on the Distribution of Income
Maria Vaalavuo     

03:30 - 04:00      Coffee Break
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

04:00 - 05:30      LATE AFTERNOON SESSIONS
                               (Alumni Center)

The New Economy, Temporary Employment, and Permanent Employment

Presider: Robert D. Mare

Voluntary and Involuntary Job Instability in Germany: Analyzing Perceptions of Past and Future Employment Trajectories
Natalie Nitsche & Karl Ulrich Mayer     

Rational Choice of Career Aspirations under Structural Constraints: Comparison of Career Aspirations in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan
Yoshimichi Sato     

Occupational Instability in the New Economy
Matissa Hollister     

Early Career Consequences of Temporary Employment: Evidence from British and German Panel Data
Michael Gebel     

New Methods for Analyzing Schooling and Job Matching

Presider: Samuel R. Lucas

Are There Many Inequalities of Educational Outcome or Just One?
Maarten L. Buis     

Progress in the Cross-National Measurement of Educational Attainment: Applying the ISCED-97 in European Countries
Silke L. Schneider     

Structuralism and the Matching of People and Jobs: A Two-Sided Queuing Model
Pablo Mitnik     

The Emergence of the Working Poor

Presider: Louis Chauvel

Welfare States, Labour Market Institutions and the Working Poor
Henning Lohmann     

The Transformation of the Dutch Welfare State and the Rise of In-Work Poverty
Erik Snel     

Working Poor in Spain
Isabel Garcia-Espejo, Rodolfo Gutierrez, & Marta Ibanez     

In-Work Poverty in a Transitional Labour Market: Sweden 1982-2003
Björn Halleröd & Daniel Larsson     

Poster Session: Education and Inequality

Distinguished Achievers with Disadvantaged Attributes
Moosung Lee     

Schooling and Social Inequalities in Peru at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century
Rosario Collatón Chicana     

The Hukou System and Educational Inequality in Contemporary China
Yulan Xia     

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08:00 - 09:00      Late Registration and Breakfast
                               (Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center,
                               326 Galves Street,
                               Stanford University)    [map]

09:00 - 10:30      EARLY MORNING SESSIONS
                               (Alumni Center)

Residential Segregation, Poverty, and Inequality

Presider: Michael J. Rosenfeld

Racial Segregation and Impoverished Neighborhood Environments: A Demographic Mixing Model
Lincoln Quillian     

The Color of Money: Race and Neighborhood Income Segregation
Sean Reardon & Kendra Bischoff     

Mobility in Isolation: Neighborhood Effects and the Blocked Migration Pathways of the Urban Poor
Corina Graif     

Space and Class Segregation in Two Brazilian Metropolises
Celi Scalon & Eduardo Marques     

Class, Culture, and Lifestyle

Presider: Donald J. Treiman

Social Class, Parenting Style, and Youth Outcomes in the United Kingdom
Tak Wing Chan & Anita Koo     

Social Mobility, Educational Attainment, and Lifestyles: Evidence from French Student Consumption Patterns and Cultural Practices
Philippe Coulangeon     

Imagining the Economic Habitus: Mothers' Economic Habitus, Social Class, and Schools
Mary O'Donoghue     

Downward Social Mobility and Fertility Behavior in Russia
Sunnee Billingsley     

Immigration, Assimilation, and Identity

Presider: Aziza Khazzoom

Immigration and Ethnic Boundary-Crossing in Britain: A Multi-Generational Approach
Christel Kesler & Luisa Farah Schwartzman     

Immigrants' Earnings Assimilation and the Local Context of Reception
Asaf Levanon     

Immigrants' Life Satisfaction in Europe: Between Assimilation and Discrimination
Mirna Safi     

10:30 - 11:00      Coffee Break
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

11:00 - 12:30      LATE MORNING SESSIONS
                               (Alumni Center)

Ethnicity and Education

Presider: Richard Breen

Ethnic Minorities' Education in Sweden: Advantages and Disadvantages
Jan O. Jonsson & Frida Rudolphi     

The Relative Importance of Primary and Secondary Effects in Creating Ethnic Inequalities in Educational Attainment
Michelle Jackson     

The Role of Education in Racial, Ethnic and Gender Differences in Occupational Attainment: Trends in the Contemporary United States.
Beth Mintz & Daniel H. Krymkowski     

Ethnic Capital and Intergenerational Mobility of Education -- Immigrant Mothers and Their Daughters in Sweden
Susan Niknami     

Social Mobility Throughout the World

Presider: Meir Yaish

New Occupational Status Measures for ISCO 2008
Harry B.G. Ganzeboom & Donald J. Treiman     

Earnings Mobility in Israel: 1983-1995
Yitchak Haberfeld & Yinon Cohen     

Social Stratification and Mobility in Mexico: Recent Trends and Research Challenges
Patricio Solis     

The Social Construction of Health

Presider: Lincoln Quillian

Causation or Selection? The Relationship between Social Role Configurations and Health
Claudia Koenig, Sean Clouston, & Amelie Quesnel-Vallee     

Socioeconomic Background and Mental Health among University Students in the United Kingdom
Karen Robson & Annik Sorhaindo     

Moving Beyond Income: Inequality, Neighborhood, Household Behavior, and Children's Health in the United States
Tauhidur Rahman & Satheesh Aradhyula     

The Role of Education and Social Trust for Subjective Health in West-Europe
Rania Valeeva     

12:30 - 02:00      Catered Lunch
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

12:30 - 02:00      RC28 Board Meeting
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

                               (Alumni Center)

Family and Inequality

Presider: Mark Western

The Gendered Double Standard of Aging in Marriage Markets
Paula England & Elizabeth McClintock     

Perceived Equity in the Gendered Division of Household Labor
Michael Braun, Miriam K. Baumgartner, Noah Lewin Epstein, & Haya Stier     

Inequality in Old Age: A Comparison of Social Support Networks of Parents and the Childless in Germany
Sebastian Schnettler     

The New Unemployment

Presider: Karl Ulrich Mayer

Technological Change, Educational Expansion, and the Changing Distribution of Youth Unemployment Risks
Clemens Noelke     

The Effect Of Unemployment Benefit II Sanctions On Reservation Wages
Julia Schneider     

Job Change Reasons and Job Mobility in Japan and Taiwan
Hiroshi Kanbayashi     

How and Why Does Inequality Matter? Trends and Mechanisms

Presider: Yoshimichi Sato

De-Structuration of Social Stratification in Europe
Christof Wolf     

Effects of Intragenerational Income Mobility on Poverty and Inequality in Brazil between 1980 and 2000
Jeronimo Oliveira Muniz     

Disruption in Class Reproduction: Turning Points, Familial Advantages, and Systemic Change
Chen Hee Tam     

The Determining Factors of Home Ownership Inequalities in France and in the United Kingdom
Fanny Bugeja     

Poster Session: Family, Gender and Inequality

Bad Jobs in America: The Effect of Maternal Work Conditions on Child Development
Christina Felfe & Amy Hsin     

Gender-Based Double Standards in the Evaluation of Job Applicants in a Natural Setting
Esther Quintero     

03:30 - 06:30      Excursion
                               (Begins in Alumni Center Lobby)

06:30 - 09:30      Conference Dinner
                               (Cantor Center for Visual Arts:
                               Rodin Sculpture Garden,
                               Lomita Drive and Roth Way,
                               Stanford University)    [map]

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08:00 - 09:00      Late Registration and Breakfast
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                               326 Galvez Street,
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09:00 - 10:30      EARLY MORNING SESSIONS
                               (Alumni Center)

Is the Class-Education Association Strengthening or Weakening?

Presider: Irena Kogan

Inequality in Educational Attainment in India -- A Birth-Cohort Approach
Divya Vaid & Richard Breen     

The Relation of Educational Expansion and Social Selectivities in Secondary and Tertiary Education in Germany
Steffen Schindler & Markus Loerz     

Changing Sources of Educational Stratification and the Role of the State: Hong Kong 1971 - 2006
David Post     

Gender and Work

Presider: Paula England

Similar or Different? Women's and Men's Aspirations in Law School
Manwai C. Ku     

Housework Hours, Work Satisfaction and Career Opportunities among Parliamentarians in the "Ideal" Case of Sweden
Jenny Hansson     

Returning to Work -- Mothers' Willingness to Pay for Amenities
Christina Felfe     

Feminization of Poverty in Korea
Anna Kim     

Social Consequences of Racial Inequality and Immigration

Presider: Carlos Costa Ribeiro

Pre- to post migration occupational mobility of immigrants to Sweden, 1968-1990
Jonas Helgertz     

The Economic Incorporation of Brazilian Migrants in Comparative Perspective
Hirohisa Takenoshita     

Social Exclusion in Sweden during 1979-2003
Miia Bask     

10:30 - 11:00      Coffee Break
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

11:00 - 12:30      LATE MORNING SESSIONS
                               (Alumni Center)

Race, Ethnicity, and Prejudice

Presider: C. Matthew Snipp

Does Social Status Shape Race? The Effect of Changes in Social Position on Racial Classification and Identification
Aliya Saperstein & Andrew Penner     

Prejudice Patterns in the United States
Samuel R. Lucas     

Cultural Capital and the Cultural Bases of Ethnic Exclusion
Aziza Khazzoom     

Race and the Social Psychology of University Admissions Criteria
Frank Samson     

How Do Class Origins Matter? Mechanisms and Processes

Presider: Herman G. Van de Werfhorst

Is Biology Destiny? A Sociobiological Explanation for Divergent Destinies
Amy Hsin     

Mother's and Father's Influence on Occupational Attainment of Men and Women
Cinzia Meraviglia & Harry B.G. Ganzeboom     

Shaky Footholds: The Effects of Social Origins on Employment Stability
Rachel Best     

Intergenerational Occupational Mobility and the Life Cycle Effects of Parental Income
Jani Erola     

The Family Context and Schooling Outcomes

Presider: Nancy B. Tuma

The Next Step: The Role of Family Gender and Family Background in Educational Transitions in Mexico
Mathew Creighton & Hyunjoon Park     

Put Some Soul Into It: Parental Religiosity and its Consequences for Children's Educational Success in the United States Today
Gregory M. Eirich     

Intergenerational Transmission of Women's Educational Attainments in Korea: An Application of Multi-state Projection Model to Social Mobility
Bongoh Kye     

Poster Session: Inequality Measurement

Silences in the Debate about Global Inequality
Ben Crow     

How Changes in Unemployment Insurance Benefits Impact Re-Employment Wages: Longitudinal Evidence from the Netherlands
Irma Mooi-Reci     

Informal Trade as an Instrument to Fight Urban Poverty: The Involvement of Women in Informal Economic Activities in Maputo
Sonia Frias     

12:30 - 02:00      Catered Lunch
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

                               (Alumni Center)

Labor Force Participation and the "Gender Revolution"

Presider: Shu-Ling Tsai

Labor Force Participation of Muslim Israeli-Palestinian Women: Personal and Locality Determinants
Vered Kraus, Meir Yaish, & Yuval Yonay     

Employment Transitions of Australian Women
Michele Haynes, Mark Western, Laurel Yu, & Melanie Spellak     

How do Women's Potential Earnings, their Partner's Earnings, and the Presence of Children Interact to Promote or Inhibit Leaving the Labor Force?
Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer     

Gender Gap in Education, Labor Force Participation, and Earnings in Urban China, 1990-2005
Xiaogang Wu     

Social Origins and Schooling

Presider: Michelle Jackson

The Impact of Social Origin on Discontinuities in Higher Education in the United States and Germany
Felix Weiss & Marita Jacob     

Socioeconomic Status, Attitudes, and Test Scores -- An International Comparison Using PISA 2003 Data
Hirofumi Taki     

Family Resources and Transition to Labor Force: The Case of Brazilian Metropolitan Areas
Maria Carolina Tomas     

What Makes the Transition to Work So Problematic?

Presider: Harry B.G. Ganzeboom

Educational Attainment and Transition from School to Work in the Ukraine
Irena Kogan & Michael Gebel     

Institutional Effects of Apprenticeship Training on Employment Success in Germany
Hans Dietrich     

New and Niche Jobs in German Graduate Labour Markets
Andrea Kottmann     

03:30 - 04:00      Coffee Break
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

04:00 - 05:30      LATE AFTERNOON SESSIONS
                               (Alumni Center)

Gender Gaps: Size, Sources, and Consequences

Presider: Daniel H. Krymkowski

Gender, Class, and Access to Higher Education: Taiwan and Japan
Shu-Ling Tsai & Nobuo Kanomata     

Explaining the Gender Wealth Gap: True Difference or Reporting Bias?
Erin Ruel     

Gender and Intermarriage among Japanese Americans
Hiromi Ono     

Why is Health Correlated with Class? The Mechanisms Behind the Gradient

Presider: Tak Wing Chan

Do Health Literacy Skills Explain Health Inequalities by Education and Race?
Hyunjoon Park & Mathew Creighton     

Liberal Welfare State Policies and Health: The Effect of State EITCs on Birth Weight
Kate Strully, David Rehkopf, & Ziming Xuan     

The Social Class Gradient in Educational Attainment: The Roles of Health Conditions in Utero and Early Childhood and Early Developmental Performance in the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort
Juho Harkonen & Anja Taanila     

The Varieties of Training: From Cram Schools to Vocational Training

Presider: Alair Maclean

The Effect of Cram Schooling on Math: A Counterfactual Analysis
Ping-Yin Kuan     

Vocational Education in Brazil: Individual Chances and Choices
Flavia Pereira Xavier, Gabriela Moraes, Danielle Cireno Fernandes, & Jorge Alexandre Neves     

Why do School Resources Have a Greater Influence on Academic Achievement in Poorer Countries than in Richer Countries?
Daniel A. Long     

Dividing Lines: Examining Between-School Differentiation in Irish Lower Secondary School Education
Allison Dunne     

05:30 - 06:30      Wine and Cheese Reception
                               (Alumni Center: McCaw Hall)

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