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Yeoman of the Guard

Join Stanford Savoyards in presenting one of Gilbert and Sullivan's best works. Yeomen is both a comedy and tragedy, featuring murder, a love triangle, and mistaken identity!

For a summary of Gilbert & Sullivan's 11th collaboration, please read this Short Attention Span Plot written by Mike Storie.

And here is the dialogue reading for the auditions:

ELSIE. Master Leonard! I am amazed! Is it thus that brave soldiers speak to poor girls? Oh! for shame, for shame! I am wed - not the less because I love not my husband. I am a wife, sir, and I have a duty. and - oh, sir! - thy words terrify me - they are not honest - they are wicked words, and unworthy thy great and brave heart! Oh, shame upon thee! shame upon thee!

PHOEBE. Jealous of thee! Bah! I'm jealous of no craven cock-on-a-hill, who crows about what he'd do an he dared! I am jealous of another and a better man than thou - set that down, Master Wilfred. And he is to marry Elsie Maynard, the pale little fool - set that down Master Wilfred - and my heart is wellnigh broken! There, thou hast it all! Make the most of it!

PHOEBE. Aye, to one whom I really loved. For there is a wealth of love within this little heart - saving up for -I wonder whom? Now, of all the world of men, I wonder whom? To think that he whom I am to wed is now alive and somewhere! Perhaps far away, perhaps close at hand! And I know him not! It seemeth that I am wasting time in not knowing him.

DAME. Silence, you silly girl; you know not what you say. I was born in the old keep, and I've grown grey in it, and, please God, I shall die and be buried in it; and there's not a stone in its walls that is not as dear to me as my right hand.

WILFRED. But, Lord, how she woo'd; I should be no mean judge of wooing, seeing that I have been more hotly woo'd than most men. I have been woo'd by maid, widow, and wife. I have been woo'd boldly, timidly, tearfully, shyly - by direct assault, by suggestion, by implication, by inference, and by innuendo. But this wooing is not of the common order: it is the wooing of one who must needs woo me, if she die for it!

MERYLL. No, my lass; but there's one hope yet. Thy brother Leonard, who, as a reward for his valour in saving his standard and cutting his way through fifty foes who would have hanged him, has been appointed a Yeoman of the Guard, will arrive today; and as he comes straight from Windsor, where the Court is, it may be - it may be - that he will bring the expected reprieve with him.

FAIRFAX. Why, man, what's all this? Thou and I have faced the grim old king a dozen times, and never has his majesty come to me in such goodly fashion. Keep a stout heart, good fellow - we are soldiers, and we know how to die, thou and I. Take my word for it, it is easier to die well than to live well - for, in sooth, I have tried both.

POINT. Now, observe. She said, 'Hands off!' Whose hands? Thine. Off whom? Off her. Why? Because she is a woman. Now, had she not been a woman, thine hands had not been set upon her at all. So the reason for the laying on of hands is the reason for the taking off of hands, and herein is contradiction contradicted! It is the very marriage of pro with con; and no such lopsided union either, as times go, for pro is not more unlike con than man is unlike woman - yet men and women marry every day with none to say, 'Oh, the pity of it!' but I and fools like me!

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