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Listen here for a podcast of the recent live radio interview with Eliza Ridge on The Peninsula Report on KZSU. Segment features directors Finkelstein and Anderson and cast members Newman, Squires, and Villar discussing and singing excerpts from the production.


We are pleased to announce our Spring show, Patience, or Bunthorne's Bride. Modernized in the signature Stanford Savoyards style, this production directed by Doreen Finkelstein and Greg Anderson, recreates a contemporary English Village caught in science fiction fandom fever! Doctor Who and Star Trek allusions abound as Gilbert & Sullivan’s satire of Victorian aestheticism meets today’s trendy cosplay in this fully staged and orchestrated entertainment that will appeal to both traditional Gilbert & Sullivan fans, as well as followers of either science fiction series. Fans will enjoy the updated lyrics and the costuming inspired by the multiple incarnations of Star Trek and Doctor Who.

Patience, Bunthorne and Lady Jane
Patience, Bunthorne & Lady Jane
Photos by Ritobrata Sur
Reginald Bunthorne, an ardent Star Trek fan, is worshipped by all the young ladies who have become Star Trek fans to gain his attention. That is to say, all except for the one he most wants, Patience. The local army regiment returns home on leave to find that even their own fiancees are infatuated with Bunthorne and cosplay dressing in Star Trek garb! A rival science fiction fan, Archibald Grosvenor, who adheres to the Doctor Who series, arrives in town and complications mount when he, too, falls in love with Patience. Who will win the heart of Patience–the Trekkie or the Whovian?

All performances will be held at The Bowl, an outdoor amphitheater at the Stanford Graduate School of Business located on Knight Way. (photo towards bottom of page)

Click here for a Google map showing The Bowl and nearby parking in Parking Structure #7 located underneath the Knight Management Center Faculty Building. Please allow plenty of time for parking. To relax prior to the show, a few picnic tables, benches, and lawn areas are located between Campus Drive and the Knight Management Center.

Performance Dates:
Saturday, May 17 at 8pm
Sunday, May 18 at 2pm
Sunday, May 18 at 8pm

Cast List

Johnny Villar as Reginald Bunthorne (comic tenor)
Carmello Tringali as Archibald Grosvenor (lyric baritone)
Diane Squires as Patience (soprano)
Elizabeth Corson as Lady Angela (mezzo-soprano)
Kathryn Benedicto as Lady Saphir (soprano)
Katia Hayati as Lady Ella (soprano)
Joanne Newman as Lady Jane (contralto)
Jeff Lampert as Colonel Calverley (bass-baritone)
Brian Chin as Major Murgatroyd (baritone)
Jonathan Tilley as the Duke of Dunstable (tenor)
Gavrielle Lent as Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor

Chorus of Fandom Geek Maidens and Dragoon Guards (not pictured)

Fandom Trekkie Maidens
Fandom Trekkie Maidens
Photos by Ritobrata Sur

Astrid Aksnes, Sharon Beltracchi, John Boyle, Nancy Christiansen, Solveig Dyrseth, Matthew Ewer, Charles Kang, Bill Laubenheimer, Gavrielle Lent, Dave Mack, Nathan Mack, Jennifer Medeiros, Edward Park, Nina Perry, David Skurnick, Barbara Sonner-Weissman, Sabrina Sonner, Cee-Sing Wong, and Allison Zenke.

Grosvenor and Fandom Whovian Maidens
Grosvenor and Fandom Whovian Maidens
Photos by Ritobrata Sur

This view of The Bowl at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (below) shows the flagstone area where the stage will be located and its grassy backdrop. Chair seating will be theatre style facing the stage. This venue is more intimate than Dinkelspiel Auditorium, our usual performance space, and allows 200 seats per show. Advance ticket purchases are recommended.

The Bowl AmphitheaterThe Bowl Amphitheater
GSB campus mapGSB campus map

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