La Casa Italiana Fašade

Theme Programming

In addition to our weekly house seminar, the graduate theme affiliate and theme assistant put together an array of events, programs, and trips open to residents. These include weekly Italian language dinners, trips to local Italian films and two pizzeria events each quarter. They also maintain our Italian library and decorate the house with Italian flags and posters. Below are some of the recent theme events and activities.


Arts/Cultural Events:

•        I soloisti Veneti (lyrical music performance in San Francisco)

•        Movie Screenings

•         Wine and Cheese events (visiting wine specialists)

•        Made and distributed CDs of Italian pop/rap/traditional music

•        Restaurant Review Progam (subsidized student dinners at selected Italian restaurants in exchange for a written review in Italian)

•        Italian talent show and fashion show (in the works)

•        Trip to Italo-American museum in the city and lunch in North Beach



House Events:

•        Weekly Italian language table dinners with grad students and faculty guests

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