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The Stanford Professional Publishing Course

An intensive 7-day program for established book and magazine publishing professionals who are re-inventing media in a digital world.

Main Course: July 11-17, 2009
PreCourse for Internationals: July 9-11
at Stanford University

Early Application deadline: April 15, 2009
Final Application deadline: May 15, 2009
Ideas Transform
This year has told the story: innovate--or die in the old paradigm.

The fundamental changes in the business of publishing are so profound, so sweeping in scope that they require entirely new ways of thinking about what we do. To survive, we must reimagine the business we’re in, adopt new media technologies that work for us, and develop new skills in fostering change in our organizations.

The Stanford Professional Publishing Course is a place to do that.

The Course is an immersive experience that brings together publishing professionals who are ready to incubate new approaches to the business of publishing. For one week you’ll live among talented publishing colleagues in the heart of Silicon Valley, where U.S. innovation is born. You’ll step away from the day-to-day demands of your job to study your business, immerse yourself in new ideas, and rethink your strategies. You will reinvent the way you work.

Pre-Course for Internationals
The Pre-Course for Internationals is designed to give those coming from outside the United States a broader perspective on U.S. publishing, including evolving digital media. Also included in the Pre-Course are field trips to technology and publishing venues in and around Silicon Valley. The Pre-Course is open only to those accepted into the Main Course. U.S. participants may take the Pre-Course at their discretion.