Social events

One of the key objectives of the group is to get students with diverse disabilities (both visible and invisible), as well as their allies, together to have fun, share experiences and make long-lasting friendships. We organize group mixers, movie screenings and a lot more several times throughout the quarter. Look out for an announcement on our mailing list or FB page for the next event!

Campus advocacy

Enhancing sensitivity around issues related to disability on the campus is one of our primary goals, and to this end, we work closely with university offices such as the OAE and D&A, in addition to our partner student groups such as Kids With Dreams to organize university-wide events. If you have ever wondered how it feels to be blind or hard of hearing, or if you are excited about assistive technology or wheelchair basketball, be sure to atend one of these events.

Disability accommodations

While the university has dedicated offices to serve the needs of students with disabilities, we work closely with these offices to ensure that the acommodation process works for students. If you are experiencing an issue due to your disability and are unsatisfied with the provided accommodations, please reach out to us so that we can advocate for you. Please be assured that we take confidentiality very seriously.


In collaboration with university offices, we often organize excursions to local disability events, such as the International Disability Film Festival in SF. Look out for the next announcement, and we hope to see you!