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Protecting the Planet

Ed Lu, Asteroids, and Protecting the Planet

The meteor exploding over Russia, and the much bigger asteroid passing later in the day, shows the risks and dangers of "flying blind" through the solar system.  On February 1st, former astronaut Ed Lu was our final speaker at the SIEPR Policy Forum on Space Entrepreneurship, and talked about what we can do to spot dangerous asteroids and do something about it.   The key idea:  put a space telescope in orbit near Venus looking back at Earth.  Within a few years we can map out almost all of the dangerous asteroids - and do something about one capable of striking Earth.

Space Policy Forum_93

o watch his speech, choose a clip below:

Part 1:  Ed Lu, Explaining the B612 Foundation

Part 2: Comparing asteroids with other risks

Part 3: Risks of "Big" asteroids and deflecting them from Earth

Part 4:  Mapping the Near-Earth Asteroids - a satellite near Venus.

Part 5:  The B612 Plan - infrared mapping.

Check out the NY Times article covering Ed and the B612 Foundation.