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Our Previous Policy Forum - Space Entrepreneurship

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Spring 2013:  We Looked at Building a Private Space Program

The U.S. space program is undergoing a major transition from government control to an entrepreneurial space industry.  Leading this initiative are companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Bigelow, and many others.  At the same time, U.S. government leaders at NASA and the FAA are working to support this private-public partnership in space.
On Friday, February 1st the SIEPR Policy Forum (with co-sponsor the Stanford Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation) had a fascinating discussion of the challenges and opportunities for private space ventures.  We looked at:
  • - Opportunities for space industry entrepreneurs
  • - Lowering the cost of space launches 
  • - Market opportunities for space tourism, exploration, mining, and communication
  • - Using economic incentives to foster new technologies and explorations

Key space industry speakers, economists,  and companies include Lori Garver of NASA, George Nield of FAA, Bill Nye, Ed LuPetra Moser of Stanford, SpaceX,  Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Google Lunar X Prize, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and United Launch Alliance.  
Full Agenda Here.  For videos, use Policy Forum Archives links to the left.

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Thursday, January 31st:  Space Policy Workshop


Thursday's agenda here.