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Social Media and the Economy

Thanks to all for attending the Fall Policy Forum - we are currently preparing an ebook capturing some of the fascinating talks and video from this event.

About the Forum:
The spectacular rise of Facebook and Twitter, and the entrepreneurial burst of companies building on their success, make social media one of the bright spots of the economy. On Friday, November 18 SIEPR hosted industry leaders, policy makers, and researchers in a discussion of how social media is changing business, raising policy debates, and creating huge amounts of valuable data.  

On the previous afternoon, we kick off with presentations by Stanford student teams using appropriate mobile and social technology to spur African economic development.  

SIEPR Policy Forums are open to the Stanford community and invited guests - join us for a fascinating discussion of social media and the economy.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research 

Fall 2011 SIEPR Policy Forum:  Social Media and the Economy

Thursday,  November 17 and Friday, November 18

The John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn Building Koret-Taube Conference Center 366 Galvez, Stanford University



THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17: 4:30-6:00 pm
The Design School at Stanford is well known for designing extremely affordable new product solutions.  Four teams  will present their new information technology designs and mobile systems to help solve problems in the slums of Kibera, Kenya.  Co-sponsored with the Program for Liberation Technology, Stanford Computer Science, and the

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18: 10am-3pm
Opening Address
United States Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon), "Digital Privacy and Public Policy," (live from Capitol Hill)

Social Media Impacts and Opportunities
Stephan Zimmermann, McKinsey & Co., "Social Media Opportunities"
Eric Rasmussen, Vice President, Groupon, "Building a Social Business"
Professor Avner Greif, Stanford, "Markets and Ideas"
Professor Il-Horn Hann, Univ. of Maryland, "Measuring Facebook's Spinoffs & Economic Impact"
Provided Lunch and Demo Hour
Have lunch and meet Stanford entrepreneurs with companies and products using social media! 

Lunchtime Address
Elliot Schrage, Senior Vice President, Facebook
The Power of Social Data
Michael Fleischman, Co-founder & President, Bluefin Labs, "The Power of Social Media in TV: Closing the Audience Feedback Loop"
Professors Donna Hoffman & Tom Novak, Univ. of California, "Beyond Facebook: Friendly Devices"
Closing Address
Michael Hammer, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, "Social Media, Social Movements, and eDiplomacy"

Reception to follow