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Thuuz is establishing the standard for Personalized Sports Entertainment.  Thuuz alerts you to the most exciting games, matches, and athletic performances as they’re happening so that you can tune in and experience all the suspense and excitement of the best sports action occurring at the moment.  Thuuz does not give out any spoilers, so if you want to tune in at a more convenient time, we’ll help get you to the video, suggest the best time from when to start watching, and allow you to enjoy all the build-up and excitement for yourself. Ideal for sports enthusiasts who want to make sure that they catch the most exciting games. Perfect for fans who are busy during the day, but want to watch more than just the highlights in the evening. Find out more at
  tells fans when, where, and how they can follow any game in the country. It is the first site to aggregate complete team, player, and game information for every DI college and sport in the country. It is currently expanding to cover pro and high school sports as well. Lateral brings together complete media information for any game, providing the links to the video, audio, or live stats streams, or telling where to watch online (like for sports). Fans can follow any team or player in one place and can save games of interest, creating a "netflix queue of games." Free text and email reminders are available for every team and every game. Additionally, Lateral finds games you care about with a recommendation system that offers suggestions such as, "this player from your hometown is playing in five minutes, click here to watch." 

Contact: Tom Bleymaier,, 650-690-0087

The Performance Science Training Institute is an athletic performance and fitness company located in the Peninsula region of the SF Bay Area.  Founded and operated by former professional and Division I athletes, PSTI treats all of their clients with the attention-to-detail given to elite athletes.  PSTI specializes in speed, agility, and jump training for youth athletes, and fitness boot camp training for adults.  PSTI's mission for athletes is to provide athletes with the tools to minimize injury risk and maximize their potential on and off the field.  With adults, PSTI looks to create a lifelong relationship through a lifestyle of health and fitness. Read more at or





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Athleticode is a Marin County, California based company helping athletes reduce injury and enhance performance through genetic testing. Athleticode provides a fully customized, easy-to-digest Athlete Report containing:
Your genetic test results: Discover how your personal genetic Codes influence your risk for Achilles tendonitis and tendinopathy and other soft tissue injuries. Athleticode’s results are based on     rigorous studies involving thousands of athletes.

 A plan for preventing running injuries: Receive customized recommendations for modifying your training regimen to strengthen key tendons and ligaments. With our guidance, you can reduce       injury risk and enhance performance. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of “prehabilitation” programs in preventing running injuries if properly targeted.
Don’t wait for running injuries to strike. Be smart. Be proactive. Get a jump on your competition. And find out what athletic heights are within your biological reach.

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AdRaid personalizes sports advertising. Using 3D geometry reconstruction, our technology allows users to insert placeholders inside of videos to dynamically serve video ads personalized to the viewer at showtime. For example, in a baseball game, AdRaid allows people in Boston to see different stadium ads than people in San Francisco. This creates extremely effective advertising that appeals to the viewer.

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