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David Reiley

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Research Scientist, Yahoo! 

David is a pioneer in the use of field experiments in economics. Economics has historically been an observational rather than an experimental science, but David has been leading a movement to introduce experiments wherever possible. He has used field experiments to test theories of auction bidding and charitable fundraising, and is currently using experiments to measure the effects of display advertising on advertisers’ sales. David is at Yahoo! Research while on leave from his position as the Arizona Public Service Professor of Economics at the University of Arizona. He has previously taught at Vanderbilt University and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern 

University. In addition to his leadership in the area of field experiments, David also achieved recognition as the first academic expert on the economics of online auctions. He has also pursued recent research on the effects of bus-driver incentives in Santiago, and on the strategic play of professional soccer and poker players. David serves as Vice President of Information for the Economic Science Association, a worldwide professional organization of experimental economists. He is a past president of the Society of Economic Educators. David is the Co-Editor for Field Experiments at Economic Inquiry, and he also serves on the editorial boards of Experimental Economics and the BE Press Journals of Economic Analysis and Policy. He is a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. David holds a bachelor’s degree in Astrophysical Sciences from Princeton University, and a PhD in economics from MIT.