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Our SIEPR Policy Forum, Powerful Tools:  Innovation Challenges for the Next President, Friday, December 4th, 2015.

About the Forum

Innovation is moving beyond information to the physical world.   For this Policy Forum, we consider three innovation areas with great promise and risk - tools powerful enough to change the world around us.  

The first panel is on using market force to accomplish good - especially in areas such as energy use and climate.   Al Roth will follow with a related theme - some of his Nobel winning work on matching markets.  The second panel is on the power fo advanced genetics - especially the implications of the new "CRISPR" technology.  The third panel is on the economics and policy issues surrounding end-to-end encryption, and especially whether firms and product designers can and should provide "exceptional access" to governments.  This affects not only our communication devices, but increasing the "Internet of Things."

Using Markets for Good
Smart Markets for Energy Conservation -  Zach Gentry (Enlighted Inc.)
From Worst Case to Smart Launches- Tom Colvin (Stanford)
12:00 pm Lunch Speaker:  Alvin Roth (Stanford Economics, 2012 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics)
Who Gets What – and Why
(Lunch following speaker, provided to all registered attendees)
1:00 pm
Designing Life
CRISPR-CAS9: Designer DNA - Hank Greely (Stanford)
Intellectual Property and DNAMark Lemley (Stanford) 
2:00 Economics and End-to-End Encryption:  The Cost and Benefits of Government Backdoors
(The economics of secure online communications versus government backdoors for the Internet and Internet of Things)
John Mitchell (Stanford Vice Provost, Computer Science)
Herbert Lin (Stanford, CISAC)
Alex Doll (TenEleven Ventures)

2:45 Innovation and Jobs
Enrico Moretti (U.C. Berkeley Economics)
 Reception to follow.

For additional information, please contact SIEPR Policy Forum Director Ward Hanson or Director of Events Ellen Moore.
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Previous Forums: The Evolution of Finance

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The Evolution of Finance, Friday, May 15th, 2015.

About the Forum

Silicon Valley is famous for producing startups that challenge traditional industries.   Attention is now squarely focused on finance, with a wave of "fin tech" startups.   Our Spring SIEPR Policy Forum will look at this fascinating mixture of money and technology.


12:00-12:45:  Lunch for Attendees
Join us for lunch at the SIEPR Gunn Building and Courtyard.
12:45-1:20:  Entrepreneurial Finance:  The Venture View
Nick Shalek - Ribbit Capital
Ribbit Capital is a leading venture capital firm in financial technology.  Nick will provide an introduction to the entrepreneurial finance area, and the disruptive potential of merging new technologies into financial markets.
1:20-2:15:  Silicon Valley Meets Wall Street:  Algorithmic Investing
Andy Rachleff - Chairman and Co-Founder, WealthFront
Jeff Maggioncalda - Co-Founder, CEO from 1997-2015, and Senior Advisor, Financial Engines
Moderator:  John Shoven -  Charles Schwab Professor of Economics and Trione Director of SIEPR

Two of the leading companies using algorithmic investing to better serve investors will discuss their experiences from founding to "blue chip" status, and how pioneering finance research transforms into entrepreneurial success.
2:20-3:00:  Safe and Fair by Design: Making Financial Technology Serve Investors and Consumers
Mark Donohue, Cristie March, and Steve Buchholz, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Dan Aisen - IEX

IEX became famous as the "white knight" startup in the book Flashboys.  By algorithm design, IEX seeks to level the playing field for investors and high frequency traders.  Joining the discussion are lead members of the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, tasked with ensuring entrepreneurial finance companies are fair and transparent.  
3:00-3:55: New Opportunities:  Financial Technology Startups
Robin Hood - Vladimir Tenev
Invoice2go - Brendan Kereiakes
CreditKarma - Rama Katkar
Venmo - Esther Jang

Entrepreneurs are challenging almost all aspects of traditional finance.  Join the discussion with some of the most exciting startups  creating new payment systems, consumer credit opportunities, and innovative brokerages.
4:00 Reception and Discussion

Speaker Biographies:  Click here.

All current Stanford students are welcome, as well as members of the Stanford community with a Stanford ID.  Others are welcome by invitation.   

If you are interested in the Forum, please contact SIEPR Policy Forum Director Ward Hanson.

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Previous Forums: The App Economy, Big Data

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 SIEPR Policy Forum, The App Economy, Friday, January 30th, 2015.

Our Winter Policy Forum on the The App Economy was fascinating, with a look at the explosion of mobile activity in the U.S. and around the World.  We began with a look at the trends in the industry, followed by a number of the consequences.  

An agenda, with biography links, is here.



Big Data is sweeping business and government.  Those with "data skills" are highly sought after job applicants.  Some view Big Data as the next big job and productivity generator for the U.S. economy.

At the same time, big data presents a confusing and worrisome challenge.   Whether its Big Brother (such as the NSA) or "Little Brother (such as your cell phone company), many are worried about how big data tracks and predicts our every movement.

Come hear, debate, and meet some of the world experts on the impact of big data on our economy.  What does it mean for you, your career, and our lives?

For a look at the agenda, please click here.


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