Simon Khalaf: "Nothing But Growth"

Simon Khalaf of Flurry got the day started with an overview of the App Economy - here he talks about the amazing rise of the App Economy.

For the impact of demographics.

Additional clips from Simon and other speakers will be posted in the near future.


Our Upcoming Policy Forum - The App Economy

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Our next SIEPR Policy Forum, The App Economy, Friday, January 30th, 2015.

Registration is available here.   The event is free, but by invitation. All Stanford students and faculty are invited!  

The first 50 students to arrive get a free SIEPR Policy Forum t-shirt - don't miss it!


About the Forum

Once again the Valley is buzzing with startups, new ventures, and concerns about a bubble.  Our next Forum will look at how the move to mobile and the explosion of entrepreneurial activity is once more driving innovation.

For the App Economy, we want to look at two big questions:

1.  What drives the Mobile and App Economy?   
2.  How is the rise of the App Economy - and mobile technology more generally - changing the rest of the economy?


10:00-11:00:  The Mobile App Economy
Simon Khalaf, CEO, Flurry from Yahoo, "The App Economy 2015"
Tim Bresnahan, Stanford Economics & SIEPR, Pai-Ling Yin, SIEPR, "How Mobile Platforms Compete"

11:00-12:15:  Apps and Data
 "How Mobile and Big Data Change Travel"

Amir Ghodrati, AppAnnie – "App + Data"
Steve Tadelis – UC Berkeley Economics, "Consumer Mobile Payments and Finance Big Data"
<Lunch & Demo Hour >
1:00-2:15:  The Next 3 Billion Users
Rick Osterloh, CEO, Motorola Mobility,  "Reaching The Next 3 Billion Users"
Ming Zeng, Chief Strategy Officer, Alibaba
Ethan Yeh, Lead Economist, Twitter,  "Apps for the Developing World"
2:15-3:15:  Apps and Profits
Anna Bager,  Senior VP, Internet Advertising Bureau,  "Mobile Ads and Video"
Liran Einav, Stanford Economics,  "Mobile's Impact on Ecommerce at EBay"
3:15-4:00: Investing in Connected Commerce
Ashwini Chhabra, Uber
Simon Rothman, Partner, Greylock Venture Capital 
Reception following conclusion. 

A printable agenda, with biography links, is here.

Registration is available here.    

All current Stanford students are welcome, as well as members of the Stanford community with a Stanford ID.  Others are welcome by invitation.   The event is free   It begins at 10am, Friday January 30th at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, 366 Galvez Street, Stanford.

If you are interested in the Forum, please contact SIEPR Policy Forum Director Ward Hanson.

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Previous Forums: Big Data

Big Data is sweeping business and government.  Those with "data skills" are highly sought after job applicants.  Some view Big Data as the next big job and productivity generator for the U.S. economy.

At the same time, big data presents a confusing and worrisome challenge.   Whether its Big Brother (such as the NSA) or "Little Brother (such as your cell phone company), many are worried about how big data tracks and predicts our every movement.

Come hear, debate, and meet some of the world experts on the impact of big data on our economy.  What does it mean for you, your career, and our lives?

For a look at the agenda, please click here.


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