Kayak Club

The Stanford Kayak club is a community of paddlers interested in promoting the sport of whitewater kayaking and ocean kayak surfing. This means we spend our weekends up in the mountains and down on the beaches playing in our favorite element, water. While we don’t sponsor trips, we do provide all the necessary equipment, teach classes, and serve as a forum to allow students to organize their own trips. Our major yearly event is the spring kayak clinic in which we teach beginners the basics of whitewater kayaking. This is a 6-8 week class that usually finishes with a student organized whitewater trip. BOTTOM LINEā€¦if you want to learn whitewater boating, the Stanford Kayak club provides the training, equipment, and a community of experienced boaters to learn and enjoy kayaking with. Please visit our website at www.stanford.edu/group/KayakClub for more information.

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