Information about graduating with Honors in M&CS

Before declaring Honors, please read carefully!

Honors - The Math & Comp Sci honors program encourages intensive study in an area of mathematical science in addition to meeting the requirements for the major.

The honors program is designed to encourage a more intensive study of mathematical sciences than the B.S. program. In addition to meeting all requirements for the B.S., the student must:

  1. Maintain an average letter grade equivalent to at least a 3.5 in all academic work.
  2. Complete at least 15 units in mathematical sciences in addition to the requirements for the major listed above. Include in these 15 units at least one of the following:
    • An approved higher-level graduate course
    • Participation in a small group seminar
    • At least 3 units of directed reading
  3. Prepare a statement describing major area of concentration for honors work.
  4. Describe how each course selected added to the student’s knowledge and understanding in area chosen for concentration.
  5. Students interested in honors should consult with their adviser

    by the last quarter of their junior year

    to prepare their program of study. Honors work may be concentrated in fields such as biological sciences, environment, physics, etc.
  6. Suggested electives for students pursuing Honors: EE 364, CME 206, CS 229, CS 248, Math 171, MATH 172, STATS 202, STATS 216, STATS 217.

If you want to declare departmental honors, log on to Axess, click "Declare Major/Minor" and choose MCS-Honors.

You will submit a request to the department in which you want to pursue departmental honors. The department will inform you of their decision whether to accept you into the honors program

Note: Departmental honors must be declared and approved no later than the application to graduate deadline for the term in which the student intends to graduate.

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