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Hell.A.S. is the Hellenic cultural group at Stanford University. Our goal is to bring together people of Hellenic heritage and members of the Stanford community interested in Hellenic culture. We are also affiliated with many Greek alumni, Greek-Americans and friends of Hell.A.S. that live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In this direction, we organize and support regular social, cultural and recreational events to bring our members together and communicate the greek spirit.

News & Events

The Next Day of Greece

Hell.A.S. is excited to invite you to a special event we have organized as part of this year’s Educational Trip:
The Next Day of Greece: Learning from the Mistakes of the Past, Designing The Future
What: A discussion on the current affairs in Greece, how we got here, and what the future may hold
Where: McCullough 115, Stanford [...]

2013 Vassilopita Event

On Sunday January 13th from 7pm to 9pm we hosted the annual Vassilopita event and celebration for the new year. The event tool place at the Conference Room of the Bechtel International Center. Here are some photos from the event!

The Hellenic Association at Stanford

Welcome BBQ 2012-2013

On Sunday October 14th, the Hellenic Association at Stanford (Hell.A.S.) held the first event of the year, a BBQ to welcome the new academic year and its new members. The BBQ event was very successful! Old and new members, along with supporters of the Hellenic Association, gathered together to enjoy our masterfully marinated pork chops [...]