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GLAM – Historical

Professor Theodore (Ted) Geballe
New advanced materials laboratory honors Geballe, brings together diverse disciplines
Stanford Report, September 27, 2000
Stanford News Service

  2009 Faculty and Students


Professor Hari Manoharan
Reading the fine print takes on a new meaning
Stanford Report, January 28, 2009
Stanford News Service

  2008 Faculty


Professors Yi Cui, Hongjie Dai and Kathryn Moler
NANO: It’s Big
Local nanotechnology firms, researchers aim to change medicine, computing and more
Palo Alto Weekly, March 26, 2008 pp 17-20

Professor Michael McGehee
Stanford solar research receives $25 million grant
Stanford Report, June 11, 2008

Professors Robert Sinclair, Shan X. Wang and Group
Obducat Prize 2007 Award Selection Committte announce its decision


Linyou Cao, a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering and advisee of Professor Mark Brongersma, has been awarded a scholarship from SPIE (an international Society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of lights).

Ian Y. Wong, a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering and advisee of Professor Nick Melosh, received the Graduate Student Silver Award at the Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring 2008 meeting in San Francisco, CA.

  Recent Published Papers

Professor Hari Manoharan and Group
Science paper:
Quantum Phase Extraction in Isospectral Electronic Nanostructures

Stanford Report, February 8, 2008

  Summer 2008

Professor Richard M. Martin is an organizer and lecturer in short courses and is scheduled to teach in South Africa in July. The poster for the courses is at

The main school is at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). The story of AIMS is a marvelous one that has received world-wide recognition.

Professor Martin and his wife, Beverly, will travel to Malawi beforehand to visit the water wells program that they have been involved with for many years. The program for providing clean water is closely related to the one described at http://marionmedical.org