How To: Report a Petty Cash Theft

Who does this?  Stanford petty cash custodians or department heads

When?  When there has been a suspected theft of petty cash

How?  By reporting the theft to the department head, Stanford Police Department and Treasury Director, and requesting replacement funds, indicating "Theft"



Report a Petty Cash Theft (3 steps)

step 1

Report theft:

  1. Contact your department head and Stanford Police at 650-723-9633.
  2. Obtain police report.
  3. Notify Treasury Director of the theft and include a copy of the police report.
Note:  To prevent theft, petty cash should be kept in a locked box and placed in a locked drawer or cabinet.
step 2

Record the amount stolen:

  1. Enter the amount stolen in the Expense Requests Petty Cash module as an expense line item.
    Note:  The Petty Cash module only accepts expense line items up to $100. ┬áIf the amount stolen is greater than $100, it must be entered in the Expense Requests Payment Request module. (GP: System name sound ok?)
  2. Indicate Theft in the Business Purpose field.
  3. When entering allocation information, i.e. department charge account, use an unrestricted or unallowable expenditure type.
step 3

Include the police report as backup documentation for the reimbursement request recording the stolen amount:

  1. Upload a copy of the police report.

~ OR ~

  1. Print the Petty Cash Bar Code Cover Page.
  2. Fax Police Report as backup documentation, using the Bar Code Cover Page as the fax cover sheet.
Note:  The instructions on the Bar Code Cover Page include the fax number.
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What Happens Next?

  • Payment Services department sends a replenishment check to the petty cash custodian's ID mail address.


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