How To: Report a Petty Cash Theft

Who does this?  Stanford Petty Cash Custodians or Department Heads

When?  When there has been a suspected theft of petty cash

How?  By reporting the theft to the department head, Stanford Police Department and Treasury Director, and requesting replacement funds, indicating "Theft"



Report a Petty Cash Theft (3 steps)

step 1

Report theft:

  1. Contact your department head and Stanford Police at 650-723-9633.
  2. Obtain police report.
  3. Notify Treasury Director of the theft and include a copy of the police report.
Note:  To prevent theft, petty cash should be kept in a locked box, and the locked box in a locked drawer or cabinet.
step 2

Record the amount stolen:

  1. Enter the amount stolen in iOU Petty Cash module as an expense line item.

  2. Note:  The Petty Cash module only accepts expense line items for up to $100, so if the amount stolen is greater than $100, it must be entered in iOU Reimbursement module.

  3. Indicate Theft in the Business Purpose field.
  4. When entering allocation information, i.e. department charge account, use an unrestricted or unallowable expenditure type.
step 3

Fax the police report as backup documentation for the reimbursement request that records the stolen amount:

  1. Print the iOU Confirmation page (also called the bar code page).
  2. Fax Police Report as backup documentation, using the Confirmation page as the fax cover sheet.
Note:  The instructions on the Confirmation page include the fax number.
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What Happens Next?

  • Disbursement Department sends a replenishment check to the Petty Cash Custodian's ID mail address.


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