How To: Assign a Temporary Custodian During Planned Absence

Who does this?  Petty Cash Custodians

When?  For brief absences of more than two weeks, the petty cash custodian (with the department head's approval) may assign a temporary custodian to be responsible for the fund.

Note:  If the custodian's absence will be less than two weeks, it is recommended that the fund be secured and no reimbursements allowed during this time.

How?  By contacting Financial Support Center (3-2772)


Assign a Temporary Petty Cash Custodian During Planned Absence (4 steps)

step 1

The Regular Petty Cash Custodian:

  1. Identifies a temporary custodian
  2. Gains approval from the department head for the temporary arrangement.
    Note:  For longer absences when it is likely that the petty cash fund will need to be replenished, the Department Head must notify the Financial Support Center of the temporary custodian.  Without this notification, replenishment checks will automatically be made out to the regular custodian and cannot be cashed by the temporary custodian.
step 2

The temporary custodian becomes certified as a petty cash custodian

step 3

Prior to the Custodian's absence, he/she reconciles the petty cash fund with the temporary custodian:

  1. Both the temporary custodian and regular custodian must sign a copy of the Petty Cash Reconciliation Form as a receipt.
  2. The regular Custodian retains the receipt.
step 4

When the regular custodian returns, both custodians reconcile the petty cash fund (without replenishment) again:

  1. The regular Custodian signs a copy of the reconciliation as a receipt.
  2. The temporary custodian retains the receipt.
Note: The regular Custodian should notify the Financial Support Center (3-2772) of his/her return if Payment Services department was temporarily making checks payable to temporary custodian during his/her absence.
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What Happens Next?

  • The temporary custodian resumes responsibilities for petty cash until the regular custodian's return.



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