How To: Enter Time Worked for Contingent and Hourly-Paid Student Workers

Who does this?  Stanford contingent workers (i.e. Temporary and Casual) and hourly-paid student workers

When?  Prior to the end of each pay period. Stanford pay periods are the 1st through the 15th, and the 16th through the last day of each month.

How?  Using the Axess Timecard online time and leave reporting system. Learn about getting access to Axess Timecard.



Enter Time Worked (8 steps)

Contingent workers and hourly-paid student workers are required to enter hours worked each pay period.

step 1

Launch Axess Timecard:

  2. Click Login.
  3. Enter your SUNet ID and password.
  4. Click Employee tab at the top of the page, if necessary.
  5. Click My Timecard and Leave Balances.
  6. Click the Minimize icon in the upper right of the page to hide the Bulletin Board and Calendar to increase your viewable page.
Note:  After logging into Axess Timecard, the timecard is displayed for the current pay period. If you work in more than one job on campus, you will see a timecard for each job. Take note that you are on the timecard for the correct job when making your entries.
step 2

If your department Time & Leave Administrator has entered a set schedule for you:

  1. Click Apply Schedule button to populate your timecard with your schedule.
  2. Hourly employees are required to keep an accurate record of actual work hours. Click the applicable In or Out cell if your work hours differed from your schedule.

  3. Note:  Times may be entered in either standard (3:30PM) or military format (15:30).

  4. Repeat as necessary, until all days of the timecard reflect accurate In and Out times.
step 3

Enter hours worked when no fixed schedule displays:

  1. Click the cell in the In column that corresponds to the date worked.
  2. Enter the time you started working. For example, enter 8 for 8:00 AM or 0830 (military time) for 8:30 AM.
  3. Tab to the Out cell.
  4. Enter the time you stopped working. For example, enter 1:00PM or 13 (military time) for 1:00 PM.

  5. Note:  If you took a lunch break, your timecard should have two sets of In and Out times for that day. For example, In at 8:00 AM, Out at 12:00 PM, In at 1:00 PM, Out at 5:00 PM.
step 4

Choose an alternate account for your hours worked, if needed:

  1. Click the Hourglass next to the PTA column for the hours that should be moved to an alternate account.
  2. Click the link for the PTA (account) that you want to select.

  3. Note:  If you are unsure of the account that you should select, contact your local Time and Leave Administrator or Supervisor for guidance.

  4. Repeat this process as needed, for any additional hours that should be charged to a different account.
step 5

Save your timecard entries to approve at a later date:

  1. Click Apply Rules to save your timecard and to see your timecard totals.
Note:  For help using Axess Timecard, review the Axess Timecard Training.
step 6

Approve your timecard:

  1. Click Submit and Approve to save and approve your timecard.

  2. Note:  For a printable version of your timecard, click Printer Friendly Version in the upper right of your timecard.
step 7

Log out of Axess Timecard:

  1. Click Sign Out in the upper right corner of the screen.
step 8

Change timecard entries before department approval action is complete:

  1. Launch Axess Timecard. See Step 1.
  2. Click Remove Approval from your timecard.
  3. Edit timecard.
  4. Click Submit and Approve to save and approve your timecard.
Note:  To correct a mistake on a timecard for a past pay period, notify your local Time and Leave Administrator to request an Adjust Paid Time entry.
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What Happens Next?

  • Follow local procedures for supervisory approval.
  • Information submitted online by the payroll deadline for the 15th of each month will be reflected on paychecks issued on the 22nd.
  • Information submitted online by the payroll deadline for the last day of each month will be reflected on paychecks issued on the 7th of the following month.


There are three ways to get help:

  • Contact your Human Resources Manager or Time and Leave Administrator if you have a unique situation not addressed in this Quick Steps.
  • Submit a HelpSU ticket. Select Category Administrative Applications and Request Type Axess Timecard .
  • Contact the Payroll Department.
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