How To: Clear Organization Suspense Accounts for Labor

Who does this?  Stanford Employees with Labor Distribution Responsibilities

When?  After receiving email notifications sent to from the Systems and Reporting Operations group stating that payroll earnings have been posted in Oracle Financials. The bi-monthly payrolls are typically processed on the third business day after a payroll period ends.

How?  By using the Payroll and Labor Management (PLM) Dashboard in OBI


Clear Organization Suspense Accounts for Labor (5 steps)

step 1

Launch OBI Payroll and Labor Management (PLM) Dashboard:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your SUNet ID and password.
  3. Click Dashboards from the menu to show the drop-down selections.
  4. Select Payroll and Labor Management under Finance business function.
step 2

Run the Report:

  1. Click Summary tab.
  2. In Organization, enter parent or child org(s). Alternatively enter PTA(s) and skip step c below.
  3. Select Organization Perspective of Work Assignment Org to find charges based on the org employees work for

    ~ OR ~ Select Task Org to find charges based on which org owns the Task of the OSA PTA.
  4. Enter the last day of the most recent pay period into BOTH the First Pay Period End Date and the Last Pay Period End Date.
  5. Click Apply
    Note:  Charges Remaining section appears below.
step 3

View Your Remaining Suspense Account Charges:

  1. Click any amount in the table titled Charges Remaining on Org Suspense Account for the Current Fiscal Year
step 4

Clear All Suspense Transactions by Creating a Labor Distribution Adjustment:

  1. See How To: Create Salary Distribution Adjustment in LD.
    Note:   To locate a LD Adjuster in your school / department, see Who Can Create a Labor Distribution Adjustment.
step 5

Ensure Incomplete Labor Schedules Are Updated:

  1. Update incomplete labor schedules listed in the Summary tab of Payroll and Labor Management.
  2. See How To: Create / Update Labor Schedules.
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What Happens Next?

  • The originator of the distribution adjustment receives an email notification which includes the details of the transaction including the adjustment batch name and the list of approvers.
    • Run the FIN_Labor_247_Distribution_Adjustment_Detail report to check the real-time status of a Distribution Adjustment.
  • Users cannot query the adjusted earnings until the distribution adjustment is either rejected by an approver, or fully approved and posted in Labor Distribution.
    • If the distribution adjustment is rejected, the details of the transaction will be purged and the earnings will return to the previous account.
  • To prevent future payroll transaction errors, see Identifying, Clearing and Preventing Future Postings.
  • Learn about getting access to OBI PLM reporting.
  • Subscribe to the LD Adjuster distribution list to stay informed with changes and updates to Labor Distribution.


If you have questions, please submit a HelpSU ticket.

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