How To: Clear Organization Suspense Accounts for Labor

Who does this?  Stanford Employees with Labor Distribution Responsibilities

When?  After receiving email notifications sent to from the Information Systems and Reporting group stating that payroll earnings have been posted in Oracle Financials. The bi-monthly payrolls are typically processed on the third business day after a payroll period ends.


  • By using the Payroll and Labor Management (PLM) Dashboard in OBI, you can view the current balance (as of the most recently posted pay period end-date) of your Organization Suspense Account on the "Summary" tab. You can also drill to the transaction detail by clicking on the "Amount" hyperlink. Based on the transaction detail, you can process the Labor Distribution Adjustment to clear the balance accordingly. Also, you are able to find all LDA transactions being posted to your Org Suspense Account, by using the Suspense Clearing Details on the "Scheduled Vs Actual" tab.

  • OR

  • By running a report in ReportMart3 to identify Organization Suspense Account (OSA) entries and then clearing the OSA accounts by submitting Distribution Adjustments (please see step-by-step instructions below).

Please note the Organization Suspense Accounts (OSA) policy.


Clear Organization Suspense Accounts for Labor (7 steps)

step 1

Receive email notification from the Information Systems and Reporting group stating that a payroll period has been processed in Oracle Financials.

step 2

Run the FIN_EXP_279_Transaction_Detail report in ReportMart3.

Note 1:  It is important to run the report for fiscal year activity because OSA earnings from historical edits often post with a previous pay period expenditure item date.
Note 2:  For help, see How To: Run, Print, Save or Export ReportMart3 Reports on a PC.
step 3

Export report to Excel:

  1. Click Data Download tab.
  2. Click Export to Excel link.
  3. When prompt appears, click Open.

step 4

Open the 279 OSA (Org Suspense Account) macro:

    Note:  It is essential that the 279 Report and 279 macro are both open in order to run the macro.

  1. Click here to open the Macro.
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password as prompted.
  3. When prompt appears, click Open.
  4. Click Open from the File Download pop-up window.
  5. Click Enable Macros.
step 5

Run the OSA Macro on the exported FIN_EXP_279 Transaction_Detail report:

  1. Go into the exported 279 report that is already open in Excel.
  2. From the main Excel Tools menu, select Macro, then Macros (Shortcut: Select Alt + F8).
  3. Select the macro name Macro1.
  4. Click Run button.

  5. Note 1:  After the macro finishes, look for the lines that are highlighted yellow and adjust those dollar amounts out of your OSA.
    Note 2:  For help using the macro, see How to Use the Org Suspense Account Macro.
step 6

Find Employee Earnings in Oracle Distribution Adjuster module:

    Note:  To locate a LD Adjuster in your school / department, see Who Can Create a Labor Distribution Adjustment.

  1. Login to Oracle Financials.
  2. Select responsibility SU LD Distribution Adjuster.
  3. Enter employee name or assignment number.
  4. Press Tab on your keyboard.
  5. Enter Effective Start and End Date.
  6. Adjust by Element.
  7. Click Find.
step 7

Submit Salary Distribution Adjustment in LD:

    Note:  For additional instructions, see How To: Create Salary Distribution Adjustment in LD.

  1. Check Transfer box.
  2. Click Done.
  3. Press Down Arrow on your keyboard to create a new line.
  4. Enter PTA information.
  5. Click Freeze Set.
  6. Click Submit.

  7. Note:  To prevent future postings, review the reason codes on the FIN_LABOR_173_Suspense_Account report to determine what action needs to be taken. Following are some of the most common actions a user may take to prevent future payroll transaction errors:

    • Modify the employee's labor schedule. See How To: Create / Update Labor Schedule.
    • Modify GFS or the PeopleSoft record
    • Modify the Axess Timecard record to select the correct PTA information in future pay periods
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What Happens Next?

  • The originator of the distribution adjustment receives an email notification which includes the details of the transaction including the adjustment batch name and the list of approvers.
    • Run the FIN_Labor_247_Distribution_Adjustment_Detail report to check the real-time status of a Distribution Adjustment.
  • Users cannot query the adjusted earnings until the distribution adjustment is either rejected by an approver, or fully approved and posted in Labor Distribution.
    • If the distribution adjustment is rejected, the details of the transaction will be purged from ReportMart3 and the earnings will return to the previous account.


If you have questions, please submit a HelpSU ticket. Select Category Administrative Applications and Request Type Oracle Financials.

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