How To: Setting ReportMart3 Preferences

Who does this?  Stanford Administrative Staff who use ReportMart3

When?  The first time they need to run a report in ReportMart3 after July 14, 2008

How?  Using the ReportMart3 application

Note:  The recommended browser is Internet Explorer for PC users, and FireFox for MAC users.

Setting ReportMart3 Preferences (2 steps)

step 1

Navigate to ReportMart3:

There are two ways to navigate to ReportMart3:

  1. From the Stanford network type reportmart3 in the browser address field or enter if off campus.

  2. ~ OR ~

  3. From the Staff section of the Gateway to Financial Activities web site, use the pull-down menu under Launch Applications (upper right section of every staff page) to select Reportmart3 and click Go button.
step 2

Set default report view format:

  1. Click the Preferences icon at the top of the Home page.

    Note:  It looks like a little checklist next to the lock icon.

  2. From the Preferences panel, click Desktop Intelligence tab.
  3. Select view format Portable Document Format (AdobeReader required).
  4. Click Apply button to save your preferences.
  5. Click the Home icon to return to the Home page.
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What Happens Next?

  • ReportMart3 will remember your default settings. Reports will display in the proper format (HTML or PDF), depending on how they were created.
  • After running a report in ReportMart3, you can select to view in HTML or view in PDF using the icons on the report page.


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