How To: Process Sponsored Project Receipts

Who does this?  Staff and Faculty in schools and departments who receive funding for sponsored projects

When?  Upon receipt of sponsored funds

How?  By forwarding funds with pertinent information as directed by Receivables / Cash Mangement (RCM).


Process Sponsored Project Receipts

Receipts of monies involving sponsored research, other sponsored activities, and clinical trials (awards in the range PAAAA-VZZZZ) require particular care, and are usually handled directly by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). See instructions on How to deposit a check or EFT transfer for sponsored projects on DoResearch web site.

Note:  If you are unsure whether the receipts should be processed as a gift or as sponsored project receipts, see RPH 13.1 Definition of Sponsored Projects and Distinctions from Other Forms of Funding and Checklist for Determining Whether Funding is a Gift or Support for a Sponsored Project.

What Happens Next?

  • Most sponsored activity receipts appear only as "payment amount" on accounts receivable reports, typically on the day after they have been processed by OSR Accounts Receivable. For clinical trials and most foundational grants, sponsored receipts also show as "receipts" on fund reports. Expenditure reports should show the full budget amount approved by the sponsoring agency, regardless of when the revenue is recognized.


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