How To: Process and Deposit Department Receipts

The University's standard method of processing and depositing departmental receipts is electronically through Stanford CASHNet. Departments that receive cash or checks on a regular basis should consult with Office of the Treasurer to arrange the most efficient method for handling receipts.

  1. You need to request the access to Stanford CASHNet before you start using Stanford CASHNet to process department receipts. Please see Overview: Online Preparation of Departmental Deposits Using Stanford CASHNet.
  2. If you are collecting any student-related deposits, please contact the Student Financial Services Payment Office at 650-498-7526 before signing up for Stanford CASHNet.
  3. See Cash and Check Handling Checklists.

Who does this?  Staff, Faculty

When?  On the day checks are received, or as soon as possible thereafter, after you review the check carefully

How?  Record deposits in Stanford CASHNet, prepare funds and deliver them to Wells Fargo Bank, Tresidder Memorial Union, 2nd floor


Process and Deposit Department Receipts (4 steps)

step 1

Review the Check:

  1. Inspect the check carefully. See How To: Review Checks Upon Receipt.
step 2

Process Receipts via CASHNet

Log into Stanford CASHNet

  1. Go to
    Note:  Anyone with more than one username set up in CASHNet will need to use to log in with the additional usernames.
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password
  3. Enter two-step authentication code

Enter a Departmental Deposit

  1. From the home page, click Departmental Deposits link to the left.
  2. Click Add New Record.
  3. Enter new deposit information.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Print the deposit recorded.
Note:  The detailed instructions are available on the CASHNet User Guide. Training may also be provided by contacting the University Payments Office at 1-650-498-7526 or 1-650-725-0345.
step 3

Complete Triplicate Deposit Slip

  1. Obtain blank triplicate deposit slip from the University Payments Office.
  2. On the deposit slip, include your department org code and department name
  3. Verify checks are properly endorsed on the back with "For Deposit Only to Stanford University" and the appropriate PFOO or PTAE information is noted on the front.
  4. Retain the third deposit copy (yellow) for department records.
step 4

Deliver Deposits to Wells Fargo Bank at Tresidder or Any Wells Fargo Branch*. Include:

  • Print-out of your deposit recorded in Stanford CASHNet (Step 1)
  • Completed triplicate deposit slip (Step 2)
  • Accompanying funds

    Note:  The bank will verify currency, accept checks, and record the deposit by branding the pink and yellow slip.

* If the deposit is made to a branch other than at Tresidder, mail the receipt via ID mail to University Payments Office (MC 6036).

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What Happens Next?


  • Retain financial records as instructed in Administrative Guide Policy 3.1.5: Retention of Financial Records.
  • Review the completed deposit transaction form to ensure that all departmental accounts and any object codes/expenditure types noted are correct and the amount of funds going for deposit equals the amount entered.
  • Reconcile the data on the transmittal form and the deposit receipt with financial statements to ensure the correct amounts are credited to the correct accounts.
  • Any cash deposit in excess of $10,000 must be reported to the University's Tax Department using IRS Form 8300.


  • Contact University Payments Office by phone or submit a HelpSU ticket for any questions relating to the processing and depositing of department receipts.
  • Contact the Financial Support Center (3-2772) for reimbursements related to iProcurement or Expense Requests transactions.
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