How To: Request New (or Change Existing) Expenditure Type or Object Code

Important Notice:  Requests for New or Changed Expenditure Types or Object Codes will not be processed during the period beginning August 1 and ending October 1 each year due to year-end accounting requirements.

Who does this?  Department Staff

When?  Existing Expenditure Types or Object Codes do not meet department's needs

How?  The department must complete an online form including a clear explanation as to why existing Expenditure Types or Object Codes are not meeting department's needs


Request New (or Change Existing) Expenditure Type or Object Code (4 steps)

step 1

Review existing Expenditure Types and Object Codes to confirm that existing codes do not meet department's need.

step 2

As appropriate, meet with your manager, Principal Investigator, Budget Officer and/or local accounting staff to review and finalize the request, including business justification.

step 3

Complete online form to:

  1. Click Submit button when all required fields have been entered.
step 3

Save or print the acknowledgement page for future reference.


What Happens Next?

  • Requests are reviewed upon receipt. Requesters will be contacted if clarification or additional information is required.
  • All requests are compiled on a monthly basis (at the end of the first week of each month for the four weeks prior.
  • The second week of each month, the Central Office Chart of Accounts Committee meets to review and discuss open requests and agree on disposition.
    • As needed, committee members will contact individual requesters for clarification, to discuss alternate solutions, and to come to a mutual agreement on next steps.
  • The last week of each month, requesters with approved requests will receive an e-mail notification from Controller's Office staff in Financial Analysis & Information Reporting (FAIR) confirming that their request has been implemented.


  • Call Matt Savage at 1-650-723-8682, or email FAIR.
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