hands stacked together


Knowing what to do is not enough.  One of our main recommendations is to engage more frequently in thoughtful action.            
—Jeffrey Pfeffer and R. Sutton

Now this is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
—Winston Churchill

While this is the final stage of the biodesign innovation process, it is in fact the beginning—the beginning of your sustained effort to implement a product or business around the need you’ve identified and your invention or innovation.

A very specific focus of this stage, and indeed this book, is around the start-up process.  Building and managing a small business, generating the business model, articulating a business plan, and navigating the complicated waters of fundraising are all essential components and are explored in depth.  The final chapter looks at alternate approaches to starting a business—that is, the options of partnerships, licenses, or the outright sale of an idea, completely relinquishing control to the new owner.  If you have a great idea, but no time or inclination to devote to it, one of these pathways can provide a wonderful route to get a solution into practice.

Regardless of how you approach it, the journey should be fun.  That’s not to say that many lessons won’t be learned the hard way, but the optimism and, indeed, idealism of the innovator can profoundly catalyze transformation in health care.  Good luck.
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