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 I hereby pledge to pick up the next abandoned penny I see and give it the home it deserves.

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About Us

We are four students of Stanford University participating in the 2009 Global Innovation Tournament. Through this year's challenge to "make saving money fun," we were given the chance to use innovation and our resources to create value and impact.

Team members: Bianca Langford, Tara Bozorg-Grayeli, Jason Chua, Constance Duong

The Idea

While brainstorming, our team realized that if we weren't conscious about what we do with our money, it might as well be listed as the newest endangered species, and if we wanted to "save" it, we should treat it as such. From here, we decided to raise awareness through our "Adopt-a-Penny" campaign and to make the thought of "saving money" fun!

Check out The Cause to learn more about what you can do to be smarter with your money.

Be a part of something big. Please join us in this movement to SAVE MONEY.

The Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about being more money conscious by pointing out that pennies are everywhere and hold value, though little at first. The more pennies "saved", the more value created. By working together, we can show that pennies have the potential to grow and need a nice home to make that happen, rather than getting stepped over and ignored everyday.

The Cause

Being aware of what is happening with your money isn't easy, and once you lose track of it, problems can arise quickly. That's why we're encouraging a more money-conscious community through our campaign to give every piece of money - even the smallest - a home (in your wallet or bank account!).

Here are some easy tips you can put into practice to help your money-conscious lifestyle grow:
* Record your earnings and spendings in a small journal just for your finances
* Keep a savings account and always pay yourself first! Got a paycheck? Set aside a certain percentage to put in your savings account before allocating the rest.
* Share: Donating your money to a cause that's important to you doesn't only help others, but also encourages you to remember the impact even a small portion of your earnings can have on another person's life.

So next time you see a penny lying abandoned, don't simply pass it by. Take a second to pick it up, give it a home, and remember that even the smallest change makes a big difference.

Success Story: Saved

This penny, saved from the rough steps of Memorial Auditorium, went home in a nice warm pocket. It now resides in this student's dorm room, where it can be comfortable and once again find meaning in life.

Success Story: Adopted

This penny's spirits were once crushed by the weight of humanity, but in its new home, it has been given the opportunity to flourish and finally feel like it is worth something.

Success Story: Rescued

This penny was rescued from the balcony of a three story building. It is now being cared for and has a renewed sense of faith in the world.


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Thank you! Your pledge means a lot.
If you'd like to upload a picture with your newly adopted penny, please upload it to our Facebook event or send it to