Village Rental Co-op
Escondido Village
Stanford, California


VRC 2009 Schedule:


Please contact Jason Abele at for summer schedules.



Note: We now open every other week due to limited number of volunteers. However, you will not be charged the rental fee for the one extra week because of this. For example, a 2-week rental will be charged for 1 week only; a 4-week rental will be charged for 3 weeks only.


Please join us as a volunteer so that we can open every week in the future!


Planning a weekend get-away? Expecting visitors? The Village Rental Co-op can help!

The Village Rental Co-op rents items at very low prices to the Stanford community. We're an independent volunteer organization, run mainly by Escondido Village residents. We've been serving Stanford students just like you since 1966!

See a list of our equipment!


We are located in the basement of Abrams, a mid-rise building in Escondido Village. Find Abrams on Stanford's Searchable Campus Map

Hours of Operation:

Mondays 8:00 - 9:00 pm
Closed Monday, open Tuesday 8:00 - 9:00 pm if Monday is a Stanford holiday

8:00 - 8:30 pm Returns
8:30 - 9:00 pm Rentals

- Returns are due by 8:30pm on the due day. Returns after 8:30 pm will be charged a one-week late fee equal to the weekly rental cost

- Before 8:30 pm, new rentals will be processed only when there are no people waiting for returns.

NOTE: We are unable to open except as scheduled.

The VRC phone is: (650) 497-5088. However, phone calls will only be answered when the VRC is open.


  • Planning to rent? Remember to bring your checkbook! To rent items from the VRC, you must write a check for the deposit amount on the item. We are unable to accept credit cards or cash. The deposit check will be returned to you when you bring back the rental item in good condition.
  • We need volunteers! The VRC is completely volunteer-run. Without the help of volunteers, we will have to close our doors. Please consider being a volunteer! For more information, see our volunteer information page.

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