Juliana Berglund-Brown (President) is a senior studying Civil Engineering with a focus on structures and construction. Growing up in Northern Arizona, she was constantly aware of how the natural environment interacted with the built environment. Because of her upbringing and past research, in addition to her academic background in structures and design, she is broadly interested in the realm of sustainable and resilient infrastructure and construction innovation. This past summer, she was a recipient of the Schneider Fellowship and worked for the US Green Building Council to develop and evaluate new approaches to scoring spaces, buildings, and places around the world. She is also a recipient of the 2021 SEI of ASCE, San Francisco Chapter Scholarship Award. Outside of Civil Engineering, Juliana enjoys playing soccer, running, playing with her dog, and drinking lots of coffee.



Claire Smythe (Vice President) is a senior majoring in Civil Engineering with a focus on Structures and Construction. Her interest in Civil Engineering stemmed from her love of San Francisco and a desire to create sustainable, energy-efficient, and affordable housing for high-density areas. Previously, Claire has worked as a Project Engineer constructing new headquarters for the Air National Guard in Mountain View, CA. She now does research on smart cities for the Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus (SCIGC). In her free time, she enjoys rowing, creating custom playlists, and photography.

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 James Bicamumpaka (Financial Officer) is a senior studying Civil Engineering with a focus on Structures and Construction. His interests include computer-aided design (CAD), resource management, human-centered design (HCD), and renewable energy technologies. Previously, James worked as a Project Engineer for an   18-kilometer freeway project in the Kingdom of Eswatini, overseeing material procurement, project controls, and stakeholder outreach. Summer 2020,  James worked as a Project Engineer for Herrero Builders on the San Rafael Kaiser Permanente Medical Office Building where he presided over MEP installation requirements and led the use of AR and the HoloBuilder construction management platform for the project. During his free time, James enjoys traveling, engaging in community service, and organizing social events with friends and family.



Rajeev Oak (Co-Chair, Corporate Relations & Professional Development) is a graduate student studying Civil Engineering with a focus on Sustainable Design & Construction. Rajeev was drawn towards Civil Engineering through his Facilities Engineering undergraduate studies at the California Maritime Academy; looking to see how the serviceability of building systems could be prioritized in the construction phase of a building’s life cycle. Last year Rajeev worked at Katerra in Saudi Arabia and India looking to develop software products to optimize industrialized construction processes for precast concrete. Previously, Rajeev worked within the Facilities Engineering departments of Oracle and Genentech looking to prioritize building system reliability in datacenter and biotechnology facilities. Rajeev enjoys traveling, golfing, and reading.



Kate Borden (Co-Chair, Corporate Relations & Professional Development) is a second-year Environmental Engineering graduate student focusing on Modeling and Simulation. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill as a Buckley Public Service Scholar and earned a B.S. in Mathematics and Arab Studies. Before her time at Stanford, she worked in Washington D.C. doing quantitative risk modeling and management consulting for federal clients such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. At Stanford, Kate works with Professor Jenna Davis and the Program in Water, Health, and Development. She is interested in leveraging remote sensing technologies and data science to improve drinking water infrastructure design. When she’s not thinking about water, Kate enjoys baking her way through Great British Bake Off challenges, watching horror movies, and running long distances.



Adam Nayak (Secretary) is currently a junior at Stanford University planning to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Adam has grown up with a passion for sustainability and community engagement, beginning to volunteer with his local watershed council in the fourth grade. As an engineering student and social justice advocate, Adam is particularly interested in the development of equitable environmental health systems across communities. This past summer, Adam interned with the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service, focusing on water and sanitation improvements for indigenous tribes in the Pacific Northwest. Here at Stanford, Adam serves as Co-Director of Community Responsibility with ASSU, works as a Public Service Peer Advisor, and serves as co-president of Engineers for a Sustainable World. In his free time, Adam enjoys drawing and spending time outdoors with friends and family.



Bethel Gashaw (Co-Chair, Social) is a junior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Bethel was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado to immigrant parents from Ethiopia. Many of her interests originate from her roots, as she intends to use her education to improve water and energy accessibility. At Stanford, Bethel enjoys engaging with surrounding communities through programs like the High School Support Initiative, where she serves as a tutor-mentor for students in the area, as well as engaging with Black and African communities on campus. After her first year, Bethel worked on a research project in rural Uganda assessing willingness to pay for continual maintenance on borehole hand pumps. This past summer, Bethel worked as a strategic consulting intern for Jacobs Engineering, where she was hoping to get exposed to what corporations are doing to increase the accessibility and affordability of basic services. For fun, Bethel loves to spend time with her family, hike, bake, and go on picnics.

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Simba Wu (Outreach Chair) is a Master’s student studying Environmental Engineering with a focus on environmental modeling. Simba graduated from Lafayette College with a dual degree in Civil Engineering and Mathematics. She holds a strong passion for water treatment issues and during her undergraduate career, she worked on a research project on the topic of nutrient reclamation from municipal wastewater for more than three years. Simba enjoys reading, hiking, and photographing.