How to Join

Alpha Phi Omega hosts a weeklong period of events during both fall and spring quarters where Stanford students can meet our members, learn more about our values and mission, and determine if joining Alpha Phi Omega is right for them.

Monday 4/7: Ice Cream Social
7pm at Old Union 215

Tuesday 4/8: Game Night
7pm at Old Union 215

Wednesday 4/9: Sports Day
7pm at Wilbur Field

Thursday 4/10: Music Trivia
7pm at Old Union 215

Friday 4/11: S’mores
7pm at Lag Fire Pit

To join, potential members must attend at least two events.

Who is eligible to attend?
All Stanford students are welcome to attend either in the Fall or Spring, except first-year students who can only attend in the Spring.

Is there a fee?
Nope! All events are free and open to all Stanford students.

What if I can’t attend all the events?
While we encourage you to attend as many events as possible, you will still be able to join as long as you attend at least two events.

What comes after?
Everyone who has attended at least two events will be able to begin the pledge process. Led by our Pledge Educators, the pledge process lasts 6-8 weeks and is a program of meetings, fellowship events, and service projects designed to allow pledges to get a sense of what it’s like to be an active member.

What are the pledge requirements?
Here is a rough overview of the requirements:
1. Meet our chapter adviser Laura Selznick
2. Attend weekly pledge meetings
3. As a pledge class, organize and carry out a service event and participate in other APhiO service events
4. Attend one fellowship event put on by the actives
5. Pass weekly quizzes and a final exam
6. Conduct 5 Active interviews
7. Conduct 5 Pledge interviews
8. Attend 1 general meeting
There are also a few smaller details and requirements that you will learn more about at pledge meetings, but this list is a general overview.

Is there hazing involved in pledging?
No! Alpha Phi Omega has a strict no hazing policy.

What are the active requirements so I can get a sense of the time commitment?
Here is a general overview of the active requirements:
1. Attend 7 out of 9 general meetings every quarter
2. Commit 12 hours to service every semester (1.5 quarter)
3. Commit 12 hours to fellowship events every semester (1.5 quarter)
4. Participate in 1 fundraiser every semester, or contribute a total of $30 to the chapter.

Other questions? Please refer to our contact page for more information.

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