Contact us at the following addresses:

Presidents Alex Mullin and Raymond Luong president.apozeta[at]
Membership VP James Huynh membershipvp.apozeta[at]
Service VP Sarai Gould servicevp.apozeta[at]
Fellowship VP Stephanie Tsai fellowshipvp.apozeta[at]
Treasurer Jason Yang treasurer.apozeta[at]
Secretary Kate Buehner secretary.apozeta[at]
Rush Chairs Julie Zhu and Casatrina Lee rush.apozeta[at]
Pledge Educators Mark Flores and Luis Garcia pledge.ed.apozeta[at]
Fundraising Chairs Susan Nitta and Elliott Lapin fundraising.apozeta[at]
IC Chair Kendrick Kho ic.apozeta[at]
Sergeant-At-Arms Aaron Kaye saa.apozeta[at]
Historian Pearle Lun historian.apozeta[at]
Technology Officer Thuy Ny Le webmaster.apozeta[at]
Alumni Secretary Breanna Hampton alumni.relations.apozeta[at]
Haas Center Liaison Kevin Chen[at]