Wendy Vang

Current Position: Pledge Educator
Past Position: Membership VP (Spring 2013)

Class Year:: 2015
Pledge Class: Spring 2012
Major/minor: Economics Major/Education Minor
Hometown: Marysville, CA
Hobbies/activities: dotadotadotadotadota and video games — come play with me!
Favorite service event: My very first service event with my pledge class at the Ronald McDonald House.
Favorite fellowship event: Pokemon Stadium in CroLounge! I should’ve won — Lapras super effective, one hit KO Rhyhorn — Scyther is OP (PLee cheated)!!
Favorite Stanford memory: Paintball with Arroyo — A-Love!
What I love about APhiO: Bros got yo back.

I’m living in a single in CroMem this year. Come hang out with me! :o