Thanh Nguyen

Past Position: IC Chair (Fall 2012)

Nicknames: Thanh Thanh, Thanh Baby, Pho-Thanh, Isaac New-Thanh, Eight Nine Thanh, KrypTHANH-ite, Ti-THANH-ic, Ti-THANH-ium, Vladimir Poo-Thanh, Mega-THANH punch, George Washing-THANH
Class Year: 2014
Pledge Class: Spring 2012
Major/minor: Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Co-Term in Modern Thought & Literature
Hometown: Sunnyvale, TX
Hobbies/activities: Playing pokemon, playing iPhone games that involve animals/magic/dragons, clubbing, sketching, singing in a voice that sounds like a possessed squirrel, trolling, learning how to say poop and other vulgar things in foreign languages
Favorite service event: Challah for Hunger
Favorite fellowship event: The ones in the sun!
Favorite Stanford memory: Any occasion I’m eating Korean food with Stanford peeps. :)
What I love about APhiO: How goofy we all are :D
(Fun) Facts: I have no fun, so there are no fun facts to share of. I have no talents.