Stephanie Tsai

Current Position: Historian
Past Positions: Pledge Educator (Spring 2013), Secretary (Fall 2012)

Class Year: 2015
Pledge Class: Spring 2012
Major/minor: MCS, Music
Hometown: Palo Alto
Hobbies/activities: Cello, orchestra, chamber music, Gossip Girl, Community, New Girl, Arrested Development, badminton, boba, mochi, pasta, piano
Favorite service event: Glean! picking fruit is always fun. Also, going over to the opportunity center and helping homeless people apply for jobs was an interesting experience and one I’d definitely recommend.
Favorite fellowship event: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!! Amusement parks are probably some of my favorite places in the world.
Favorite Stanford memory: It’s hard to come up with one memory that stands out; I think it’s just being on campus in general and having the chance to stay up late and talk to people and do things. I remember countless nights staying up, talking, and playing pool, or waking up at 6 am to play badminton with friends.
What I love about APhiO: The people of APhiO attracted me to the group. Everyone is really fun and friendly, and it’s great to be around people who also want to be involved in service!
Fun Facts: In the past, I’ve taught children in EPA piano, and that was very rewarding and fun. Check it out: Currently learning random covers of pop songs on the piano. I love all things music :)