Michael Longoria

Current Position: Pledge Educator

Class Year: 2016
Pledge Class: Spring 2013
Major/minor: MS&E/Economics
Hometown: Mission, Texas
Hobbies/activities: Howdy peeps! Other than APO I’m on the Product Showcase team for BASES, so let me know if you want to know about that. I really enjoy playing golf (not well), so if you play also you should hit me up! l like to longboard and do outdoorsy stuff when I’m not feeling lazy. That being said, I sleep a lot and got the superlative for weirdest sleep schedule for freshman my dorm. I listen to plenty of indie music and rap because I’m a gangster.
Favorite service event: My favorite service event was probably the charity auction where I won a super swaggy picture of a blue-footed booby!
Favorite fellowship event: My favorite fellowship event was definitely our Santa Cruz beach trip, which included going on roller coasters, riding bumper cars, shooting ghosts, and throwing Scott in the super cold water. :)
Favorite Stanford memory: When my friend and I got lost on top of a mountain at -11°F during our dorm ski trip and had to snowboard (read shred) our way down before the sun set and our bus left us. It was probably one of the most majestic feats of epic-ness I’ve ever displayed in my life.
What I love about APhiO: The beautiful people, all the service events that APO puts on and helps out with, the official and unofficial fellowship events, and all of the weirdness in between. :)

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