Justin Bui

Past Positions: President (Spring 2013), VP Service (Spring 2012), IC Relations/Haas Liaison/ALumni Secretary (Fall 2011)

Class Year: 2014
Pledge Class: Spring 2011
Major/minor: Biology Major, Creative Writing Minor
Hometown: San Gabriel, California
Hobbies/activities: To save y’all the trouble, I’m just going to put it plain and simple here: I’m a pretty boring and bland person (if only it weren’t true). If I’m not in lab or studying, I have several ideal ways to spend my time. The first is reading. A good book makes me terribly weak in the knees, and a good night is one spent curled in bed with one. I also really enjoy watching history and nature documentaries, in addition to the occasional cooking show. The outdoors is a great place to be, and I love hiking, star-gazing, and a number of other woodsy activities. If an outdoor excursion isn’t available, I also wouldn’t mind spending my time in a museum pondering the existential questions of humanity and its metaphorical resonances (see above about being boring). And as much as I am a cynic, I also believe in the good in humanity and try to do my best to serve the community and world at large. Burritos and pizza are my kryptonite. And also fluffy animals.
Favorite service event: Throughout my time in APO, I’ve participated in several awesome service events. It really is a toss-up between hosting a Halloween movie night at the Ronald McDonald House, the Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event, and our charity auction (which I hope becomes an annual event).
Favorite fellowship event: I have very good memories of our Santa Cruz boardwalk fellowship event in addition to our Pokemon Stadium tournament, though I also enjoy the smaller and intimate events we have throughout the year.
Favorite Stanford memory: My favorite Stanford memory isn’t so much a memory as it is a collective experience. I’m very grateful and glad to have met the people I have during my time here, and I like to think that each and every one of them has played a part in shaping the me I am today.
What I love about APhiO: Quite possibly, I’ve never seen such a collection of smart, funny, and good-looking people. If only I could be so cool.