Jade Marcos

Class Year: 2014
Pledge Class: Fall 2012
Major/minor: Biology
Hometown: San Mateo, CA / Philippines
Hobbies/activities: I love to dance, sing, listen to/play music, I watch How I Met Your Mother-Suits-PLL-Bones-Downton Abbey and many more :)
Favorite service event: I love cooking/serving for SPOON
Favorite fellowship event: Board games events
Favorite Stanford memory: Rushing the field after win at Big Game when I was a sophomore
What I love about APhiO: I love how APhiO is very welcoming and the people in it come from very diverse backgrounds/interests. I haven’t been as active as I wanted to be because of a naturally busy schedule/going abroad but I hope as I come back this year, I can get to meet more of these interesting people and make lifetime connections :)
Fun Facts: I went abroad to Japan last spring and have some fun and crazy stories like sleeping in the side walk with friends after missing the last train because we were at a club for too long or pushing the emergency button in a bathroom accidentally and running away from there only to see a police officer run into the same bathroom ^_^ Wanna hear more? Let’s Chat ;) !