Minh Chau N. Ho

Past Positions: Co-President (Spring 2012), Sergeant-at-arms (Fall 2012), VP Service

Nickname: Chau
Pledge Class: Spring 2010
Major/minor: Biology
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Hobbies/activities: Playing guitar, reading, online gaming, hiking, and playing with my dog. Sometimes he goes hiking, too.
Favorite service event: I’ve loved all of our environmental restoration events, such as volunteering for the Baylands restoration projects. I also enjoy cooking, so those breakfast cooks we used to do were a lot of fun.
Favorite fellowship event: That one time when we got together and played Pokemon Stadium stands out in my mind.
What I love about APhiO: How much it’s changed, for good, since I’ve joined during my freshman year. We’ve had a lot of people coming in and out, graduating and pledging. I love how fun and friendly we are towards the rest of campus, and how much energy the chapter has accumulated over the year. The group is made up of really good people, and I hope we’ll continue attracting students who are enthusiastic for service and friendship.

I graduated from Stanford in Spring 2013, but I live in the area and will always be around if you’d like to meet up. You can reach me at mchauho@alumni.stanford.edu