Alex Mullin

Past Position: Pledge Educator (Spring 2013)

Class Year: 2015
Pledge Class: Spring 2012
Major/minor: Major: Human biology, Minor: International relations
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Hobbies/activities: Playing the saxophone
Traveling whenever possible
Watching korean dramas on netflix
Obsessing over Disney movies
Consuming large quantities of boba
Attempting beach volleyball
Making people laugh as much as possible
Favorite service event: Lucile Packard Children’s Ball
Favorite fellowship event: Santa Cruz beach trip (but if we’re being honest, all of them)
Favorite Stanford memory: Pretty much any time I’m with people from APhiO, I end up laughing until my sides hurt, I can’t breathe anymore, and my face is sore from smiling so much. It’s almost a health hazard. Almost. Something specific that comes to mind is derping around on the inflatable obstacle courses during relay for life.
What I love about APhiO: What don’t I love about APhiO? (But actually.)
Fun Facts: I’m studying abroad in Beijing during fall quarter! I I’m originally from Canada, which is why I sound so funny (or, I use that as my excuse). My dream job would be to travel the world as a famous food blogger – or, more realistically, making a difference in global health. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. My left pinky finger is significantly shorter than my right. 500 days of summer is probably my favorite movie, but Mulan is a close second.