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Faculty – Indra Levy

Associate Professor

Research Areas

Current work examines the nexus of Westernesque women, translation, and modern vernacular literary style in Meiji fiction and theater as a key index of how Japanese writers responded to the exotic difference of modern Western literature.

Another area of interest is the life and work of the socialist-feminist critic Yamakawa Kikue.

Selected Publications


  • Sirens of the Western Shore: the Westernesque femme fatale, translation and vernacular style in modern Japanese literature. New York: Columbia University Press, 2006.
  • (Ed.) The Review of Japanese Culture and Society. Special issue on "The Culture of Translation in Japan," December 2008.
  • (Consulting editor) Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, second edition, ed. Vincent Leitch. Forthcoming 2009.


  • "Onna o baikai ni gengo to iu tasha o ishiki saseru hyumoa: Ukigumo to Sanshiro o megutte." (Humor, Women, and Language as the Other: on Ukigumo and Sanshirô). Kokubungaku, Vol. 51 No. 3. Tokyo: Gakutosha. March 2006.
  • "Against Essentialism: the Status of Difference in the Critical Writings of Yamakawa Kikue." In Janice Brown and Sonja Arntzen, eds. Across Time and Genre: Reading and Writing Japanese Women's Texts, 2002, 130-35.
  • "The Anxiety of Translation: Interlingual Seduction and Betrayal in Futabatei Shimei's Ukigumo." Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies, Fall 2001 Vol. 7: 47-60.


  • JAPANGEN 92 Traditional East Asian Civilization: Japan
  • JAPANGEN 148/248 Modern Japanese Narratives: Literature and Film
  • JAPANGEN 149 Screening Japan
  • JAPANLIT 296 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature
  • JAPANLIT 298 Translation Workshop
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