Interview with Andy Cunningham

About Andy Cunningham

Andy (Andrea) Cunninghman joined Regis McKenna in 1983, and was one of the principal McKenna consultants who worked on the Macintosh launch. In 1985 she founded Cunningham Communications, "a leading integrated marketing services firm serving high-technology companies." She is currently CEO of Cunningham Communications, and a member of the board of numerous companies and educational institutions.

About the Interview

The interview was conducted by Wendy Marinaccio. The transcript was created and edited by Alex Pang, and reviewed by Andy Cunningham. A final version was generated on 14 July 2000.

The original recording (an audiocassette tape) has been deposited in the Stanford University Library's Department of Special Collections.


The transcript has been broken up into several pages, each of which deals with a particular subject. A full transcript is also available that contains the same content, but presents it on a single page.

Document created on 14 July 2000;