Choosing Molding Vendor

Source: Letter from Jim Yurchenco to Bill Lapson, 5 December 1980.
Location: Dean Hovey papers (reproduced courtesy of Dean Hovey).

December 5, 1980

Mr. Bill Lapson
Apple Computer, Inc.
10260 Bandley Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014

Dear Bill,

I would like to recommend using Micro Molding for producing the mouse ribcage and detector block tooling for the following reasons:

1) Once the conceptual design was complete, I discussed with Laszlo Zsidek the parts to be molded in detail. Our discussion concerned both moldability and possible vendors. He recommended Micro Molding at that time.

2) I Agreed with Laszlo because:

a. Micro Molding is located conveniently to both Hovey/Kelley and Apple Computer.

b.Hovey/Kelley has a good working relationship with Micro Molding based on past services rendered.

c. Micro Molding has successfully produced difficult parts for Apple Computer in the recent past, including the disk frog and disk clamp.

d. Micro Molding has delivered tooling on time which has not required rework.

e. Micro Molding has extensive experience with intricate small parts and can be expected to produce parts to spec. Mouse parts must be to print or the mouse may be non-functional.

In any event, if Apple chooses another vendor for the job, I will cooperate completely and amicably with the vendor selected.


[signed Jim Yurchenco]

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