Apple II Basic Manual Press Release

Source: "Apple II BASIC Programming Manual, Informative and Entertaining Reading for Novice and Professional Alike," press release dated 8 June 1978.
Location: M1007, Apple Computer Inc. Papers, Series 9, Box 1, Folder 10.

Apple II BASIC Programming Manual, Informative and Entertaining Reading for Novice and Professional Alike

CUPERTINO, CA, June 8, 1978 -- Apple Computer Inc. announces the availability of an easy to read, well written and illustrated? and entertaining manual for its Apple II computer system. Entitled Apple II BASIC Programming Manual, the book was authored by Jef Raskin, a computer professional who has written and lectured extensively on the subject of computer science to both the novice and the professional.

Created with foremost concern for the reader, the book assumes no prior background in programming or computers. Programming is explained in everyday English with no computer jargon used. Moreover, with scrupulous attention to detail, the book introduces the whole computer to the reader. Thus unlike programming manuals that solely teach a language, this book teaches a language in the context of the computer in which it will be executed.

Another contrast with stereotyped programming manuals is the book's graphic illustration and literary style. Using a two-color process with text in black, significant information is highlighted in eye-catching green. Moreover, to illustrate displays, actual television displays are used to ensure the reader that observations on the television monitor will be the same as those within the book. Furthermore, the manual's informal, slightly humorous style, makes the book truly enjoyable to read.

Manual Description

The manual is comprised of four chapters. Chapter 1 guides the reader through the details involved in connecting the various Apple II system elements, television, tape cassette player, etc., and describes the computer's control functions. The second chapter starts the reader programming with the BASIC Programming Language using simple colorful examples.

Chapter 3 moves the reader into writing complete BASIC programs by providing detailed information on most BASIC language commands. Finally, the last chapter describes strings, arrays, and subroutines for the reader who has acquired an understanding of the BASIC language and is ready to write more extensive programs.

Throughout the manual there is a conscious attempt to supply information on the BASIC language in an entertaining, thought provoking manner, and to foster a programming style.

Price and Availability

The manual is presently available from Apple dealers for $5.95 each and is supplied free of charge with each Apple II computer.

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