Apple Publishing Press Release

Source: "Apple Computer Announces Book Publishing Program and Exclusive Agreement with Addison-Wesley," press release dated 28 November 1984.
Location: M1007, Apple Computer Inc. Papers, Series 9, Box 1, Folder 10.

Apple Computer Announces Book Publishing Program and Exclusive Agreement with Addison-Wesley

CUPERTINO, Calif.--November 28, 1984--Apple Computer today announced a book publishing program to improve the distribution of existing and future Apple manuals and to encourage the development of computer books and training materials.

Called the Apple Press, the new program will increase the availability of Apple manuals by taking advantage of Addison-Wesley's existing marketing resources and distribution channels. The Apple Press also will encourage the development of computer books that contain accurate technical information about Apple products.

As part of the Apple Press program, Apple has established an ongoing relationship with Addison-Wesley for the exclusive distribution of selected Apple II and Macintosh user and technical reference manuals to the trade and college book markets. Apple selected Addison-Wesley after evaluating proposals from 13 major publishing houses. Most of the manuals to be distributed under this agreement provide technical information required by computer students, enthusiasts and professionals.

"Addison-Wesley has been publishing computer textbooks and other technical materials for over 40 years, so they are familiar with our industry, our markets and our products," said Martha Steffen, Apple Press project manager. "For this reason, and because of the consistent high quality of their products, we selected Addison-Wesley to be our primary publishing partner."

In addition, the Apple Press includes an endorsement program that allows Apple to proactively form select affiliations with other major publishing houses. These affiliations will permit Apple and a number of book publishers to jointly design and develop the publishers' own computer-related books.

Under the endorsement progr am, Apple and Hayden Book Company have entered into an agreement to develop a Macintosh Programmer's Series that will contain programming tools and information for novice to advanced intermediate programmers. Apple expects to sign similar endorsement agreements with other publishers in the future.

"The Apple Press is the first publishing program of its kind in the industry," added Steffen. "By leveraging off of Addison-Wesley's and other publishers' resources, we believe we can more effectively reach both potential Apple customers as well as existing Apple owners."

All products developed under the Apple Press will be sold through the participating book publishers' regular distribution channels. Authorized Apple dealers will be able to order Apple Press products directly from the publishers.

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